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Icodense, although he has lived in La Laguna since he began his university studies, father on two occasions and technical architect. That is the most personal planimetry of Dario López, promoter of the Palante Producciones brand, and a recognizable face on social networks. His occurrences have captured the attention of thousands of followers, although he takes iron away from his creativity. "We are all capable of activating that crazy idea that we have in our heads."

I do not know if you have suffered from the cabin, cave or cavern syndrome ...

That, better, we leave it for the Guanches who lived in caves ...

The Guanches or the Troglodytes?

Troglodytes have appeared more than one during confinement. The guanches, except when they took out the goats or went on an errand, were more than being in the hut.

Did you get bored in the hut?

There are children at home and those who know this experience know that the children do not let you get bored; they always demand another activity and, above all, creativity. It was a period in which I did not leave aside my ability to invent stories, some of which I shared on social networks.

Are there people who point out that if Dario stares at you, he'll be scared?

Well, I would like to know who 'pa' is to take advantage of it ... The same if I scare someone I get something positive, but I don't think so. Some respect yes it can raise; I am a boy with foundation.

How does the genius that you transmit flow in your productions, carnival designs, monologues ...?

We all have a little inspiration to invent something. There will be someone who escapes because God did not call him this way, but the possibility that you can think of nonsense is always active. One of the things that has gone well for us at Palante Producciones is that, without being specialists in anything, we have dared to go one step further from that crazy idea that we all have in mind. I do not believe that the secret is in brilliant thinking, but in knowing how to develop it. That does not mean that it is not expensive to put it into practice. Anyone can think of dressing up as a hairdresser, but the laborious thing comes when you have to perform the costume.

Speaking of costumes, can you imagine a confined Carnival?

Uff ... Everyone lives the carnival in their own way and mine needs that contact with the public. If I imagine it from a perspective similar to the measures that are being implemented in the shows? I live it at street level and to clear any doubts, my suits usually comply with the social distance protocol ... We pull the tape measure and we are at least a meter and a half apart (smiles).

A winter party with or without a haze?

This year we went a bit overboard with the haze ... I didn't mind going out that weekend, but people took to the streets because there were acts. We still have a quieter carnival. no?

Have you stopped doing a parody out of embarrassment?

Out of shame no, out of respect yes. Palante's humor is healthy and he never seeks to offend anyone. I laugh without disrespecting anyone ... Making others laugh at the cost of someone having a hard time does not seem the most appropriate formula. From the beginning I have moved on a plane where there are few, if any, things I can regret. We are not very rascals!

The last to sign up for the flattening theory has been Fernando Vázquez, Deportivo's coach, but isn't it a bit tiring to always hear the same speech?

Clichés are usually not good. On the contrary, they end up creating a kind of stigma until turning a lie into a false truth. That resource, sometimes, works in the world of acting but you have to know how to use it so as not to offend anyone ... Such a hackneyed message contributes little at this point in the film.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the character you have created on social media?

I am aware of the degree of closeness that is generated from the viewing of one of my sketches and, therefore, I try to respond with the same chemistry. We all like a vacilón and in this case the character is also not very far from the person ... That undoubtedly makes things easier.

Do you suffer more on site -is a technical architect- or on stage?

They are two very different but compatible facets. I enjoy doing both. One is the sustenance of my life and the other brings me fun and, at times, underpins the domestic economy. Earning money doing what you love is a privilege in these times.

Have you set a "work completion" or expiration date for your role as a comedian, humorist, monologue player ...?

The most artistic part of my life I do for pleasure, that is, it is not my main source of income. My needs are met and I don't have the pressure of those who must earn chick peas on stage. How much do I have left? That is difficult to predict. I guess one day I will get bored.


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