March 3, 2021

“I know that there are discrepancies in the Government”

“If they make this decision and protect the citizens, from the Government we will ask, for sure, that all those companies that can telework give their workers this possibility so that they can stay at home,” he said in an interview in Rac 1 collection. by Europa Press.

Although the Govern recommends not to go to the workplace, it cannot provide legal coverage that protects against dismissals, according to Budó: “This does not depend on the Government of the Generalitat.”

It has been addressed to those who will attend their jobs in person since Tuesday: “That they avoid crowds as far as possible, that they use personal protective equipment, and that if they have symptoms, go home and get in touch with ‘Stop Covid-19 “, the app of the Ministry of Health.


Regarding the recommendation of the Ministry of Health to commute to work preferably in a private vehicle, it has stated that “it is probably impossible to comply” since many workers have no other means than public transport.

“We are working to increase the supply of public transport to the maximum of our capacity,” although 30% of the workforce is on leave due to positive or because it is quarantined.

He has also reported that, since Saturday afternoon, they work together with the Government Delegation in Catalonia to coordinate the distribution of the masks delivered by the Ministry of Health.

“We are working to guarantee this device” from the Ministry of the Interior, and has specified that the Ministry of Transport contacted the Generalitat on Friday to explain this proposal.


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