Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

"I have nothing to reproach Gareth Bale"

Santiago Solari: “No tengo nada que recriminar a Gareth Bale”

The coach of Real Madrid, Santiago Solari, highlighted on Saturday "the commitment" of Gareth Bale, whistled last Saturday by the Bernabeu after being substituted against Valencia, and said "I have nothing to recriminate."

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The Madrid coach made a defense of the Welshman, questioned by the stands, and after clarifying that against Valencia "he was not injured from the field, but with some discomfort due to the effort" highlighted the games played against Roma, Eibar and Valencia.

The coach clarifies that Bale did not retire injured against Valencia

"Efforts are made and sometimes things do not work out. Bale did them in those three games and showed his commitment. That looks like; then it can be more or less successful. He made a great goal in Rome. You have to remember it, "explained the technician.

He did not give clues, however, about the eleven who will jump to Alcoraz on Sunday, since according to him, "I do not have a fixed eleven" and his starting teams are given "according to the next game, at the moment, the state of form of the players, and that they are healthy ". Solari launched a lapidary sentence to close the issue: "the eleven fixed do not exist."

"I do not have a fixed eleven. The fixed eleven do not exist "

Yes it gave the impression that Marcos Llorente will continue being the substitute of Casemiro in midfield. Solari said he has "a lot of merit and speaks very highly of him as a professional" his great performance after having not played for a long time.

Another one of the proper names of the appearance of Solari was the one of the doorman Keylor Navas. I assure not to be "nobody" to recommend "nothing" to the player facing his exit in the winter market. The only thing he remembered was that "I have always thought that there is no nicer place (Real Madrid) to play, because it is the biggest club in the world".

"The Huesca will demand the maximum. I do not have to motivate my players "

The match against the bottom, the white coach warned that the Huesca "will demand the maximum" and that his team must go out to win "from the first minute." Asked how to motivate his players to face the match against the bottom, the Argentine said that "it is not necessary" because the players "know the importance" of it.

The recipe for not repeating what happened in the last outing in the League in Eibar will go through "being very generous in the efforts, being serious in defense and being intense and aggressive in attack".

As an Argentine, he was asked about the final of the Copa Libertadores at the Santiago Bernabeu this Sunday. He described as "honor" the fact that the game is played in the Real Madrid stadium, although he said it lamenting the consequences that have led him to play in the Spanish capital.

"It's a shame that you play away from Buenos Aires. I hope the closure is worthy of such a match and I want there to be peace of mind, that the public behaves, be up to the circumstances and close the history of this game, "delved the coach.

"I hope the closing of the Copa Libertadores is worthy of such a match"

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