“I have no friends in politics”

Enrique Arnaldo, candidate of the Popular Party to occupy a seat in the Constitutional Court, has appeared this Tuesday in the Congress of Deputies amid criticism of almost all parliamentary groups against his suitability. Arnaldo has acknowledged that he was charged more than a decade ago in the case ‘Palma Arena‘but he recalled that the case was archived, he did not refer to the punctures of the’ Lezo operation ‘in which he spoke with Ignacio González and has refused to be a partial candidate to enter the court of guarantees. He has assured that “I have no friends in politics” and that “I am an honest professional and I will be all my life.”

The names of the PP in the Constitutional Constitution: Espejel, 'dear Concha', and a professor who maneuvered with Ignacio González

The names of the PP in the Constitution: Espejel, ‘dear Concha’, and a professor who maneuvered with Ignacio González

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Enrique Arnaldo’s has become the most controversial name from the list of four candidates agreed by PP and PSOE to renew a third part of the Constitutional Court. As elDiario.es explained the same day the agreement was known, the PP candidate had come out in two summaries of corruption cases without criminal consequences for him. The first was when he declared as a defendant in the case ‘Palma Arena’ accused of helping Jaume Matas to launder money – a case filed by prescription – and the second when the investigators of the ‘Lezo operation‘They recorded him talking to the former president of Madrid, Ignacio González, about a possible change in the Attorney General’s Office that would favor his interests.

This Tuesday Arnaldo has only referred to his accusation in Palma Arena, recalling that he was exonerated. He recalled that “my time in court was limited to testifying in a process and I was exonerated when the judge issued the file order” and has claimed that when someone is exonerated “he cannot become an eternal suspect, I am an honest professional and I will be all my life. ” He has not made explicit comments about that conversation with Ignacio González.

The professor has heard how several representatives of parliamentary groups have questioned his suitability not only for these two appearances in judicial proceedings but also for his participation in conferences of the FAES foundation or the publication of various articles. Other groups, such as the PSOE through Odón Elorza, have asked about his compatibility to combine his work as a lawyer in Congress with his private office. Arnaldo has stressed that “I have never been a member of any party, never” emphasizing that he obtained that compatibility in 2002 and has defended that “impartiality is not lost by having given conferences in a foundation.”

Citizens and Vox leave the commission

This Tuesday the other three candidates to occupy seats in the Constitutional Court are scheduled to appear: Concepción Espejel, Juan Ramón Sáez and Inmaculada Montalbán. Both Edmundo Bal (Ciudadanos) and Iván Espinosa de los Monteros (Vox) have announced that both formations will not participate in the rest of the appearances. From the orange formation, Bal has denounced that “all the fish is already sold, we already know who the Constitutional magistrates will be” before assuring that “you are appointed for being a friend of someone from the Popular Party.”

Criticisms of the selection process similar to those launched by the Vox spokesman, who has attributed the renewal of magistrates to an alleged attempt by the Government to stop the favorable rulings of the ultra-right party on the state of alarm. “Nobody believes that they appear here for their professional merits. They are here because they received a call from Ferraz or Genoa,” he assured.


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