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“I have never been the victim of a witch hunt”

Woody Allen come back tomorrow to the Spanish billboard with the movie that Amazon He has had two years frozen: Rainy day in New York
. The rise of #MeToo echoed the accusations of abuse by her daughter Dylan farrow – filed at the judicial headquarters – and the film starring Thimotée Chalamet, Elle Fanning, Selena Gomez, Jude Law and Diego Luna was in limbo. Now the film sees the light: a learning story, that of the young, posh and somewhat disoriented Gatsby (Chalamet), through a plethoric Manhattan. Allen (New York, 1935) granted a joint interview to The vanguard Y The Basque Diary during his new shoot in San Sebastián.

What does your protagonist really learn?

That he is right to pursue his own dream in life and not what his parents expect. And that his mother is much more interesting and empathetic than he would have imagined.

50 years of ‘Take the money and run’. Did you think your career was going to be so long?

Never. It has always surprised me. I have only had good luck. In the first movie I had no experience. Neither the producer. They let me do what I wanted. It was very bad, but it was successful. With my bad films, public and critics have been empathic. With the good guys, they have been complimentary and generous.

Have you had bad luck with Day
 of rain in New York?

No, no, my luck continues. I enjoy shooting and I am very lucky because I have a small but very loyal group of followers in the world. And since my movies are not expensive, nobody loses money and they keep giving me for the next one. I will continue as long as they continue to finance them.

But how have you lived that Rainy Day in New York has been retained by Amazon?

The film has only been complicated because it never rained during filming. The sun shone every day.

And later? Did you feel betrayed because Chalamet gave his salary to the Time’s up movement?

Finally it will end up premiering in the US, but I don't care. My enjoyment is to make the movie. And once done I don't see her again. Neither to read nor to hear about her. I deliver it and to the next.

Did you think it was going to be your last job?

No. When I was doing it, people came to tell me if I wanted to shoot in Spain. But if it were the last, I wouldn't mind. I would be just as happy writing for the theater or writing books.


“Be Hemingway or Tolstoy, everyone writes about sex and death; all the time"

Do you feel that you have suffered a witch hunt these two years?

I do not want to talk about that. Only from the movie. I have never been the victim of a witch hunt. Ask me about Rainy Day in New York.

Do you take refuge at work to abstract from what has happened in recent years?

I don't want to answer that question, I'm sorry (An agent says that question doesn't). What if I hide in my work? That idea is in the minds of others. I only work.

Let's go back to the film. It says that sex moves everything, even the economy. Are sex and death still your main themes?

It is that they are the main themes of all. No matter who they are, Tennessee Williams, Hemingway or Tolstoy, what they write, one way or another, is about sex and death. Mortality, life problems, romances. Sex will sometimes be calm and sometimes morbid, mortality and existential issues will be very dramatic or more subtle. But everyone writes about sex and death. All the time.

Have you reached any conclusion about death?

I'm still against her. I don't think it's a good thing. To think that you are going through life knowing that you have an end is not pleasant. That drives people crazy and induces them to do terrible things, makes them very neurotic. It would be all nicer with a different system. But there isn't. And you have to get it out of your head. So people watch baseball, soccer, tennis, movies, listen to music, gossip … If you sit down, you start thinking and discover that all this is not so good.

Do you know that other illustrious New Yorker, Donald Trump?

I directed him in a movie! In Celebrity When I worked with him, it was fine. He came to the set, his dialogue was known and he did very well, very theatrical. Then I was not president and I had the final word, so everything went well. As president is another story. But I always think of him as someone who worked for me.

Are you still an actor as president?

I don't know if he acts or not. Challenge any understanding. I don't know if he says things to be theatrical or because he believes them. It is unpredictable, ostentatious. That's good to be an actor, but different when you run a country.

What do you think of their policies?

I am a Democrat, I voted for Hillary. I predicted that I was going to win and that Trump was not going to have any chance, so he can see how much I know.

Woodyallenian humor

"I'm still against death, I don't think it's a good thing"

He has written his memoirs. What do they say about you that we don't know?

You will have to wait until they appear. But I hope they are interesting, fun. All my life I have been in the show business and I have many stories about radio, cabaret, television, cinema, theater … I have been an actor, comedian, screenwriter, I have directed opera at La Scala … And everything is in my memories.

In his film Another woman a character wonders if memories are something we have or something we have lost. What do you think?

I think the character quoted something Lou Andreas-Salome said to Nietzsche. I feel that memories are both, they are paradoxical. Things you embrace in your memories are very pleasant and others you have lost and wish you could recover them.

Are you deceiving us and you are not like the character in your movies, a New York neurotic Jew?

In the movies I exaggerate it tremendously or it wouldn't be fun. In real life I am reasonably normal. I have certain singularities that other people would think are neurotic. But I am very middle class, I wake up in the morning, do my exercise on tape, write and work all day. I practice with my clarinet, I have a nice family, a woman I have been with for twenty years, two beautiful girls … I am quite normal, but I have some things here and there that drive me crazy a little.

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