July 25, 2021

“I have always had crumbs; at the minimum you have something, you value it from the host “

After going to the offices where the interview had been arranged, waiting, talking, picking up, saying goodbye and leaving, I realized that I had forgotten an extension. The return was short, but the wait was long: I was in another interview and could not be interrupted. “You have to wait for it to end,” they said. Upon entering, he was surprised:

– “Brother! What happened?”

– “I forgot this bag”

– “And have you had to wait? Fuck … You know what I roll up ”

After shaking hands for the fourth or fifth time, I left. If before I thought that the talk with Recycled J had been like talking to a close acquaintance, after that detail it seemed that he was with a lifelong friend. With a person of flesh and blood. With the Jorge behind Recycled J.


Jorge Escorial Moreno (1993) is 26 years old and has 10 in music. He was not of legal age when he began composing, but at that time he was already helping in his family’s greengrocer. The business tanned him almost so much more than the street. “I have always had crumbs; At the minimum you have something, you value it from the host. If you have had bread sticks all your life, the day a crumb comes you will cry” That is why he can now claim to be the prophet of urban pop in Spanish, the “new pop” (“That was the idea until I got fed up with the 4 pintmonas that were later organized,” he says), although he always has a very strong its past

It shows his education and place of origin, mainly in the garbo and self-confidence when he speaks. Natal of Carabanchel, the neighborhood has influenced him a lot. He is young and integrates into the most prepared generation in history, but also the one with the least opportunities. “Our parents were instilled values; the man has to be like that and the woman has to be like that. We have now broken with that ”-reflects, not without underpinning the negative note-“ Before things were more fucked up to raise their voices, and now we are thinking that while our Netflix account is not taken away from us …

The musician has just released the single “Angelito” with Aleesha not a week ago, to hang up the sold out in Las Ventas twice (six thousand entries in total) and, that day, to take some photos for the cover of a magazine . All that bubble in which he finds himself, although it may not seem like it, frightens him:

– “What are you afraid of?”

– “To Recycled J. I am used to having this life, to be seated and that people come to interview me and such, all of a fucking mother, but when you go down to the underworld and see the problems of life … When I see the bubble in which we live .. That’s what scares me. That’s why I say I’m afraid of Recycled J. ”


If you had to describe yourself, “little angel” would not be a word you would use for it. “On the subject I talk about it, that you don’t know what you have until you lose it” -he explains, and continues- “It has happened to both of me, to be good and to take the host, and not to be so good and learn after mistakes”. Love is a constant learning; sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you always learn a lesson from it. The loss may hurt more to the one who goes away than to the one who stays … But Recycled J has it clearer: “My father always says the same thing; when there is a funeral or something, the one who loses is the one who leaves. The one who leaves is for something, right? The one who suffers is the one who wants to follow the relationship, and I say in this song that I am the other party, the bad one“.

He has few dates left to finish his “Recytour” and this year there are two projects (“one before summer and the other after”) and, although he does not give clues about what it will be exactly because he likes to “make himself want a little”, He points out something: “I really like to take things from the past and say: ‘Ok, if this worked and this was so, let’s take it and recycle it.’ It is a bit that. I have rock, rap, R&B … I like to vary” The king of urban pop is fitter than ever, and although he wears the crown, he always traces his way over his roots: “I am of the little miguitas”


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