June 19, 2021

I Hate New York: Creatures of the Night | Culture

I Hate New York: Creatures of the Night | Culture

When the culture of realities makes visible in mainstream some identities – perhaps the least challenging – of LGBT communities – in niche discourses (Ru Paul's Drag Race) or in confluence territories (First Dates) -, it is timely and necessary to remember that all this struggle began in the margins. It was the lumpen of the gay community that set the wick of the claim in Stonewall, before it took the reins of the issue another model of discourse – and another imaginary – based on the strategy of neutrality. I Hate New York, the first documentary by Gustavo Sánchez, stresses that, before speaking the language of neoliberalism in its hegemonic fronts, the LGTB identity claim emerged from the subsoil, making itself heard as a visceral punk cry.


Address: Gustavo Sánchez

Gender: documentary film. Spain, 2018.

Duration: 75 minutes

Fruit of ten years of interviews, I Hate New York It is not a thesis documentary, but a collection of attentive, affectionate portraits that allows some essential ideas and reflections to be opened without forcing the discourse. Sánchez always avoids recourse to the talking bust, portraying his characters in their intimate surroundings or in that urban nocturnal jungle that can be, at the same time, a place of self-assertion and a battlefield for survival. The contrast between two figures as antithetical, vital and ideological, as Sophia Lamar and Amanda Lepore or the relationship between Chloe Dzubilo and T De Long provide this extraordinary work with much more than testimonial value: here there is attitude, intelligence and life.


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