"I had to receive other income"

The directors of the bank branches where Alberto Luceno Y louis medina millionaire commissions entered told the judge how their income did not correspond to their usual economic activity. In their witness statements, to which elDiario.es has had access, the workers of Deutsche Bank and Caixabank recounted how the two commission agents warned weeks in advance of the arrival of their fortune from Malaysia and how Luis Medina even planned to collect more commissions although finally he only received one of a million.

The director of the Caixabank branch where Alberto Luceño entered their millionaire commissions he was the first to testify. And he revealed to the judge that "a month before or three weeks before" the first income, he already reported that he was negotiating with the Madrid City Council the arrival of medical supplies from China through a Malaysian company. “He told us that he was in contact with the public administration to bring medical supplies and that we were going to ask him for a lot of documentation and that he would provide us with all of it, there was no problem,” the witness stated. He said on several occasions that Luceño was "collaborative" when delivering papers to the bank, documents that according to the Prosecutor's Office are falsified.

The first commission arrived at Luceño and Medina's bank accounts on the last day of March. In case of having notified the bank "three weeks before", it would imply that the Madrid businessman knew since the middle of that month that he was going to charge that commission, even before crossing his first emails and WhatsApp messages with Elena Collado, budget coordinator of the Madrid City Council.

Something similar to what was expressed by the Deutsche Bank worker with whom Luis Medina dealt in the weeks prior to the collection and while both negotiated the deliveries of material with the consistory. He went to open an account in dollars to prepare for the arrival of the money. “He told me that it was from a business in which he had intervened through a supply of sanitary material for a Madrid City Council company,” the witness explained, although at that time “nothing was closed.” He intervened, as she explained even then, “as an intermediary”.

The judge did not hide his surprise at one of the points in his statement: when he reported that Luis Medina was convinced that that million dollars was not going to be the only commission he was going to collect. “He had intervened to supply medical supplies and had other income planned. There were several requests, he was not the only one, he had to receive other income. With the same operation”, he said after Judge Carretero specified that this aspect “is important”, since Medina affirmed in his statement that he only planned to collect that million dollars and nothing more.

The two branch directors also made it clear to the judge case art masks that this massive entry of money into the accounts of Luceño and Medina did not correspond to their usual economic activity and that for this reason the money laundering prevention departments were informed, although the accounts were not blocked after receiving the documentation . "In this case it was not usual," said the director of the Medina branch.

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