"I had an impossible dream" | sports

"I had an impossible dream" | sports

Javier Fernández appeared on Monday at the Palacio de Hielo in Madrid to make a confession: his is the story of a child obsessed with answering a question. "When I was six years old, I accompanied my parents to pick up my sister when she started to skate. One day the question arose of whether I wanted to skate, and I said yes. Two years later I started the competition with second-hand skates. I had an impossible dream. Could a child from Cuatro Vientos stand out in such a complex world? " The answer was given to himself by Javier Fernández 21 years later: "I return home with seven Europeans, two world championships and an Olympic medal".

His victories in figure skating have come without a tradition for his sport in Spain and barely structured, as they did also in his day personalities of the likes of Paquito Fernández Ochoa in the seventies, Severiano Ballesteros in the eighties or Carolina Marín, companion of generation and another specialist in conquering territories unknown for the Spanish sport. For this, the Madrid native has added talent and effort, the indispensable qualities of any champion, two characteristics not so common, especially in sports as Cartesian as figure skating: fearlessness and creativity. To his successes in the competitions adds another victory that symbolizes his trajectory: to be the first to introduce three passes of quadruple jumps in the free program and two in the short program.

The impact of Javier Fernández in Spain can be measured with two figures. In 2008, before its appearance, figure skating presented 36,337 federal licenses, according to data from the Sports Council. Almost 10 years later, in 2017, the last available date, that number had skyrocketed to 60,425. Something has had to do in two World, seven consecutive European championships (something that was not seen in skating since it was achieved by the Austrian Karl Schäfer in 1936) and the Olympic bronze of the Pyongyang Games.

The legacy of 'SuperJavi'

Javier Fernández will continue to be linked to the sport of which he has become a reference: "It is true that I leave the competition, but I do not want to leave skating, which I have always liked to do. We have a lot of future ahead. " Your show, Revolution on Ice, which accumulated 60,000 spectators in 2018 in Pamplona, ​​Malaga, Murcia, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Madrid and which will be known new destinations in February, has become another way of engaging young people to ice skating.

To this summer camps will be added, projects that merge flamenco and gastronomy and, at one time, become a technician: "I would like to become a coach, to have a school, but at the moment we have to focus on the promotion of skating".

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