I give up, I don't get it

I promise you that I make an effort and I try, every day, to bring you pleasant news here with which to paint a rosy future. One in which optimism is mandatory and joy the usual pattern. The trouble is that no matter how hard I try, I read and reread the news, I find little that serves the purpose. Yesterday we had a good job data, but was it really good? Well, it turns out that it was the worst unemployment in June in the last 15 years! and that the transmutation of temporary contracts, into discontinuous fixed ones that also charge unemployment, but miraculously disappear from the SEPE lists, help a lot to create that statistical environment that Sánchez described as "formidable." The idea seems so excellent to me that the next time the blood tests tell me that I have high cholesterol, instead of going on a diet I plan to change my analyst and look for one more accommodating of human miseries. Well, I have the best intentions, but I only find the worst news. Vice Calviño assures us that complex quarters await us. eye! not bad, just complex and "persistent" inflation. But the ECB, and not to mention the FED, are already talking openly about the high possibility of entering a recession next fall. In Germany they tremble before the cut of Russian gas that they consider imminent and, at the moment, it is the first time in 31 years that they present a deficit in their trade balance. In France, they are going to approve a law that allows them to declare an energy 'state of war' and occupy the gas plants in the event of supply problems. What sounds alarming? We also have the euro at its lowest level against the dollar, 1.03, and gas above 170 euros, while JP Morgan sees oil above 300 dollars. Citi expects the opposite, a big drop in the barrel. But it is worse, it does so because of the possibility of a recession. Can you make a delicious and healthy dish with those ingredients? I give up, sorry, it doesn't come out. That is why I recommend that you do not read the news because they are very depressing. It is much better to see the tweets that Minister Montero sends from New York, walking around the Big Apple with his government colleagues, where they arrived in a super cool Falcon. The trip wasn't cheap, but they didn't pay, you did, well, they smiled nonstop. Not like me, I have a sour face because of this inflation that doesn't stop and threatens everyone.

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