July 4, 2020

«I get along with writers, in the case of Dolores Redondo we are friends»

Fernando González Molina does not know what unemployment is. His unstoppable career began when he left university. Now he is about to release "Legacy in the Bones", a film played by Marta Etura, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Imanol Arias and based on the successful second installment of the Baztán trilogy of Dolores Redondo. The first, "The invisible guardian," also signed by him, garnered three million viewers in three weekends and raised 1,300,000 euros only in the first. It is not uncommon for this second to be commissioned, but he did have to shoot the third, "Offering to the storm" (which will be released in April) at the same time.

– What is the secret of continued success?

–It is a combination of several factors. One fundamental is luck and the other is stubbornness elevated to the extreme degree. I always thought that I wanted to dedicate myself to this, since I was a child and I was in Pamplona a bit far from everything. It is true that I have been working for a long time, but also that on television I started from the bottom doing everything. Since they gave me the opportunity to direct "Los Hombres de Paco" I was chaining television projects and in recent years I alternate them with films.

–To turn everything he touches into gold, talent is more important than big-headed…

– I hope there is some talent, but hey, that part is not my turn. I love what I do and that is essential. I was always very clear that I wanted to dedicate myself to audiovisual, so I believe that constancy is born of the most absolute vocation. If not, it is impossible to devote 15 hours to do anything. On television, especially since "Brain drain", I connect mogollón with the public. Even more with "Three meters above the sky" and "Palm trees in the snow." That made everything very easy for me. The positive response from the public always helps.

– Do writers bring luck?

-I get along with them. I have adapted them many times and, over time, I have been drawing more and more personal relationships with them. In the case of Dolores, we are friends. She is a tough, strong, stubborn girl, at first she looked at me suspiciously because she was going to take her child and take her to the movies. But when we started working on the scripts, we listened to his suggestions – which were very interesting – and saw the first movie, the road has been shot.

– The second film of the trilogy, "Legacy in the bones" is about to be released and the next one is ready.

-So is. We have also shot the last part of the trilogy, it will be released in Holy Week of 2020. There were two very complex films for the theme of flooding and making them together was more economically viable. In addition, there was a narrative question: immersing yourself in history. From there, take advantage of the locations and the means we had. We started in August of last year and finished in January. Crazy.

– How they rolled so much night, so much rain and those so impressive overflows?

– We were months designing the whole sequence and planning the shooting. It is a combination of many elements: we built part of the decorations in swimming pools with turbines that removed water dyed brown; we played a part in the protagonists' house and also visual effects work designed by computer. It has been complex to shoot for ourselves and for the actors themselves because being so long underwater is complicated.

– I'm curious to know if it was Dolores Redondo who chose Marta Etura.

– No, but I think he is one hundred percent agree with me that there can be no better Amaia. The casting was done by Eva Leira and Yolanda Serrano and she was his first proposal. They told me: «You have to see Marta, she has that hardness of the north and is enormously fragile at the same time. A guy who looks with character ». Then, as the "dires" are so insecure, I looked at them all to end up returning to the starting point. I remember that when Dolores came to the shooting and saw her in a flat sequence watching the funeral of one of the girls who shot in the first film she said excitedly: "It's Amaia."

– It should not have been easy to choose Judge Marquina, a key character in the novel …

– It is in "Legacy in the bones" and then is the absolute protagonist in "Offering to the storm." It was hard to get to Leonardo Sbaraglia, but I think he draws very well the character full of mystery and ambiguity. Dolores just told me: "You have to be a very smart guy." And Leo is intelligence.

–The expectations are high. Do you go out with a little fear?

– We hope to release "The invisible guardian" on Antenna 3 in the coming weeks to be able to push it. This whole bag of spectators awaits her, there are the audience of my other films and the heaps of readers that Dolores has. We premiered on December 5th and we are nervous, it is time to pray.

Fernando González Molina was born in Pamplona in 1975. He is "engaged" and has no children. He is proud "to feel my parents proud of who I am and who I am." He regrets "of not having been who I was before." Sorry and "I try to forget." It makes him laugh "my boyfriend, a lot." And cry, "the dislikes of my family." To a desert island one would take "books, many." He likes to eat and drink «children's menu and water». He bites his nails, his vice is "all kinds of worms, and when I'm very tired of junk television." He dreams a lot "that my teeth are torn". When he grew up he would like to be "happy" and if he was born again "he would try to be more patient."

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