April 11, 2021

“I feel rejection of the uncivil attitudes published in the media”

Rejection of “uncivil attitudes”. But separating the emeritus king from the monarchical institution. This is how the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, reacted to the news that Juan Carlos I has paid more than four million to the Treasury for the private flights that a foundation of his cousin supported him.

“I already said once the feeling of disturbance that all these news had for the Government. But I also said that institutions are not being judged here, the behavior of a person is questioned and doubted,” Sánchez said about fiscal regulation of four million euros committed this Thursday by Juan Carlos I at a press conference in Moncloa after the European Council: “I feel rejection against the uncivil attitudes known in the media. The current royal house has marked a before and after , and the current head of state has my full support. ”

“Another question is,” Sánchez said, “the reproach that society deserves and feels and in which I am a participant.”

Why hasn’t the Treasury opened an investigation? “The professionalism of the Tax Agency should not be doubted,” Sánchez declared.

For her part, the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, said this Friday that the payment of four million euros to the Treasury by the King Emeritus “is the example of a country that works and that demands accounts from everyone for Likewise”. “I would say three things. First, the political comment to which anyone in this country is entitled on this matter is very free. Second, no member of the Government can pronounce on the relationships of each of the citizens, including someone who he has been head of state, in his tax obligations, “said the vice president in an interview with Canal Sur Radio.

“Thirdly, I would say that it is, hopefully not, but it is the example of a country that works and that holds everyone accountable equally. Our country is a democracy with a rigorous rule of law where you cannot jump nobody the law. This comment is also pertinent today “, has enumerated Calvo.

However, the president of United We Can in Congress, Jaume Asens, has criticized that the “passivity” and “delay” of both the Ministry of Finance and the State Attorney General’s Office are allowing the emeritus king to “evade Justice” . In a press conference from the Lower House, Asens described as “evident” the “passivity” and “delay” in the investigation of both the Ministry of Finance led by the socialist María Jesús Montero and the Prosecutor’s Office led by the former minister Dolores Slim. In his view, this is what is making it easier for the emeritus king to “again” regularize money “apparently fraudulently obtained”.

“The king is managing to guarantee impunity for his alleged crimes thanks to this delay,” the En Comú deputy has sentenced, who, although he does not believe that it is “intentional”, does point out that he is allowing the king to “avoid” the Justice.

ERC, Bildu, JxCat, the Cup, PdeCat and BNG have requested the appearance in Congress of the Minister of Finance, the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office and the director of the Tax Agency to account for the circumstances, conditions and terms that have occurred the “regularization” of four million euros by Juan Carlos I.

The emeritus king has carried out a second fiscal regularization. If at the beginning of December paid 678,393.72 euros to avoid an investigation for a tax crime, has now made a second payment to the Treasury amounting to 4.4 million euros, as published by El País and has confirmed elDiario.es from sources familiar with the operation. That amount would correspond to tax debts derived from the eight million euros that Juan Carlos I received for flights made in a private jet company and that the Zagatka foundation, owned by his distant cousin Álvaro de Orleans, paid until 2018. Unlike the previous regularization, carried out from Abu Dhabi, where Juan Carlos I established his residence last August and which was carried out through the Community of Madrid because it was a settlement of the donation tax, of autonomous ownership, this time the Payment was made to the Tax Agency. According to sources familiar with the operation, more than a week ago. Meanwhile, the investigation into King Juan Carlos continues in the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office, which is investigating the emeritus’ money movements.

The Zagatka Foundation is a company that paid for part of the expenses of King Juan Carlos and that was managed by his cousin Álvaro de Orleans. Zagatka paid eight million euros for flights to different countries in North America, the Caribbean and the Middle East in a decade, between 2009 and 2018. The frequency of these trips allegedly increased after the abdication of the monarch in 2014.


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