“I don't understand what my opinion matters for being famous”

The Liverpool coach spoke after the elimination of his team from the English Cup

"I do not understand that the opinion of a football coach is important," says Jurgen Klopp when asked about the coronavirus. "You are in the same situation as me," he told the journalist. "It is not important what people say famous, "he added." We have to talk about things the right way, not people like me, without knowledge of the matter. People who know are the ones who should talk and tell people to do this or that, no a football coach, "he says." I'm just an uncle with a baseball cap and shaved, "he concludes.

The Liverpool coach spoke after the defeat of his team against Chelsea (2-0) in the Cup, which leaves him out of the competition. It is the second game that the German coach team loses. The two defeats have come consecutively after the weekend lost against Watford (3-0) in the Premier.


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