April 14, 2021

«I don't like the word‘ ‘retirement’ ’, they seem to park you»

He has lived hard moments in his life, but Gabriel Masfurroll has not fared badly. His, with ups and downs like all, is a full life that, reached 66, wants to share with the youngest. Swimmer, successful entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist, publishes «The audacity to live. In discount time, or not »(Caligrama), which combines memories with teachings that life has left behind. Its benefits will go to the Álex Foundation created by him in memory of his son with Down syndrome, who died at 3 years old. A strong follower of Barça and the Beatles, his notoriety came to him as a club director. It takes with pride to have participated in the signing of Messi and to have been friends with his admired Johan Cruyff.

– Is living a bold exercise?

– The mere fact of being born and starting to live is already an exercise in boldness, although it seems easy, it is not. And survive, either, because we are very fragile.

– Is there life beyond sixty-five?

– Of course, although this red line is outdated because life expectancy has changed, even at 75, there shouldn't be.

– What is "sexalescence"?

– (Laughter) Teenagers of 60 years or older, a pun that joins the term sexagenarian with adolescence and defines a new state that did not exist before that delays aging.

–At this point, what has life taught you?

– To be tolerant, patient, to respect and listen, not wanting to always be right, that sometimes as adults we become somewhat grumbling. Above all, tolerance, because we are more equal than we think.

– But not all lives are equal.

–The place of birth conditions. If I had been born in Zimbabwe, I would be the same person, but my life would have been totally different, therefore, these barriers and borders that we create between us are absurd, I hate them.

– At a certain age you have to share what you have learned?

– It is that you have lived more, you have made more mistakes and had more stumbles and you learn, that gives you a kind of wisdom of life and I think it is the obligation of the elders to share it, do pedagogy; Then, whether they use it or not is another story.

– Do we have to be a lifelong learner?

-Absolutely, curiosity and the desire to learn give you spirit to live, when you lose them and throw in the towel is that you are in the final phase.

– From what or from whom have you learned?

– Everything and everyone, relevant and simple people, but you have to be curious to look. I like to travel, learn cultures and customs, although what you really learn is from people.

– Did you have a good time as a Barça manager?

– For me it was a dream and a great honor, although I would have preferred to play with 9 or 10 (laughs). In Gaspar's time we went through bad times, but we signed Messi who changed the history of the club and I am proud to have participated.

– Should Barcelona have been postponed?

– The one that was taken was a wise measure, there was a lot of irascibility and tension. One can express his ideas in peace and with respect, but what I cannot accept in any way is violence.

– Do you think it is important to fight for dreams?

–Big or small, dreams make you live, they give you the incentive to walk. The same only get 30%, but only the attempt is an engine, the sauce of life.

–Is everything worth to get them?

–Nothing, if it must be at the cost of crushing or harming others, then they are not dreams, they are a nightmare, for others and for you, because if you have a minimum of conscience and ethics, you will not sleep peacefully.

– Do you feel you have done your homework?

-In a talk to young entrepreneurs I said that I could die quietly and there was a brutal silence, but I told them, calm, what I mean is that I have done my homework, but that does not mean letting go, or getting off the bike .

– How do you understand about retiring?

– It is a word that I don't like, it seems that they park you.

– If I could, what would you erase from your past?

– Only those mistakes in which I have harmed or hurt people who did not deserve it. The others would not erase them because they have helped me to mature.

–What did you think of writing the book?

–A total catharsis. It has changed the way I face the rest of my life.

The reader

«I have always been a Press officer; I read between four and five daily newspapers, almost the entire spectrum. I like very much. I read everything and for many years on paper, until I discovered the digital, since then I see the same paper newspaper, but on the tablet ».

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