Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

"I don't know who is in a hurry, of course I don't"

José Yusty, the magistrate who keeps the municipal works license to lift Franco's slab very paralyzed, he said during a hearing held on September 20 and published this Friday El País who is not in a "hurry" to resolve the lawsuit: "Since I have four years left to retire, I do not hurry. I do not know who is in a hurry in this lawsuit, but of course I do not."

Waiting for Yusty to make a move, the Supreme Court has already said that "it is not for any other judicial body other than this Chamber to know the actions of the Council of Ministers or the execution of this sentence." The Government can now execute the decision of the High Court.

The state lawyer reproached Judge Yusty at the hearing on September 20 of the times he was driving. According to the video unveiled by El País, Judge Yusty says that the "urgency" to resolve the cause "has been destroyed" by the disqualification filed against him by the State Advocacy for his views on the law of historical memory, finally denied by the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid.

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"The urgency has been destroyed. Not by me, but by the challenge against me, accusing me of lack of impartiality. Which, as you will understand, is not pleasant … Because it is quickly published as an unfavorable note, as something pernicious and that implies the intrinsic evil of the magistrate. Even my wife told me: 'You have been refused! "Yusty replies.

Also, remember a second time that you are going to retire in four and a half years. "I am four and a half years old. And if this already has about 400 pages, it can be 4,000. Of course, if it is 4,000, it will not claim either the Ministry or any authority that the judge will read in a couple of hours," he says.

Judge Yusty Bastarreche became famous by suspending an act on the right to decide in Madrid in 2017. He had previously written an academic article criticizing the Historical Memory law, as published, in which he attributed to the Executive of José Luiz Rodríguez Zapatero hidden objectives to write this norm: "The Government, with dark intentions, has revived all the facts and situations that led our country to those difficult times," he wrote. The text said that the norm "represents the resentment, the desire for revenge and the hatred of those defeated in the civil war in its purest state without a mixture of greatness against those who won it."

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