June 24, 2021

I don’t know when, but I know yes; seven words for hope

There is a desire for hugs; there is desire for caresses and kisses. The pulse of social networks reveals that society is holding its breath, but that it takes a little more patience to overcome the situation, although millions of people are already seeing the reunion with their families, with their colleagues and with their friends.

“I don’t know when, but I know yes” is repeated on those networks; It has been put, among many others, by the Zaragoza Police, a very simple drawing with only seven words that summarizes the hopes that the anxiety and restlessness caused by this health and economic crisis will end.

And they know, as they have reflected, “that we will return to work; and the children to school, that the hustle and bustle will fill the streets and terraces of our bars; that the laughter will return to the parks; that we will hug each other again and kiss fearless. I don’t know when, but I know yes. “

“Thank you heroes” someone has put in the thread that has been opened below, because the networks are going to be overwhelmed, they already are, for the heroic actions and for the anonymous testimonies that put them in value, for the thanks, for the applause, for the tributes, for the memories and for the micro-stories.

Converted into refuge during this confinement for millions of people, and more social than ever, the networks have become one more balcony; capable of gathering the most stark criticism, but also, from the same anonymity, of certifying the quality of thousands of heroes and thousands of stories.

“And when the contagion curve goes down and the governments announce that we have achieved it ‘, please do not return to immortality, do not put on the invincible suit again, of unbreakable; do not forget what you have felt please; be vulnerable forever, keep singing on the balconies, keep applauding the cleaning ladies, the cashiers, your mothers; don’t forget that you are only human, that you are fragile, that you are finite and take care of life, the planet and all beings of the world until the day of your death. As if you had learned something “

“Jules Heme Aqui” has left it written from the anonymity of a network in which he hardly has any followers, but his words circulate through the networks, jump from group to group and are replicated, recited and aired through those windows.

People who never suspected the impact that a short message could have on a social network, and who today link stories and conversations that mutate into stories.

Because @SuarezyArenas only has 1,300 followers, but the video that has been uploaded to the networks accumulates almost 80,000 “likes”.

Her husband was admitted to the Aranjuez hospital and was 33 years old there. The video captures the moment when a group of toilets breaks into their room singing “Happy Birthday” and a congratulation written on a drench.

“I do not know who you are, but I am deeply grateful,” he has posted on the networks, and someone reminds him that the toilets are currently the closest thing to a family that patients admitted due to the virus can have. “We have a better society than we think.”

@fernandoplazap invited from his profile his followers to share an image only of the eyes to honor those who are fighting on the front line against the virus and thus know “that we see and admire them”.

The thread has been filled with looks that convey sadness, hope and firmness; eyes hidden by protective glasses, protected by masks, some very handcrafted; some tears are also intuited.

In recent days, videos of patients who are discharged have been viralized on the networks to the applause of the health personnel who have attended them for weeks, hospitals, patients and workers away from the large centers of the main cities and from the hottest centers. media.

“Double registration in the # covid19 floor of the Hospital de la Vega Lorenzo Guirao de Cieza”, Irene has written on the networks, and accompanies a video of just 19 seconds that reflects the excited applause of the restrooms when two of her patients leave the center , and the gestures of gratitude of those who have overcome it.

Thais is a nurse; a few days ago he already warned: “Bug, get ready we are going for you !, and now he has returned to those networks to leave a message again:” Thank you, thank you and thank you. fighting with help is much easier “and a photo of the healthcare team he works with, giving back a heart with his hands.

Thousands of neighborhood communities meet every day to applaud health personnel from their windows and balconies, but also to “have a snack” or to share a few minutes of music.

He does not speak on behalf of anyone, but Andrés does represent the feelings of millions of Spaniards when, before the already traditional toast in his neighborhood community, he asked for the floor to remember people who have lost their lives during the current crisis; “We all know someone already,” he shouted from his balcony, and he moved his neighbors with words of remembrance for the elderly who have died and encouragement for all his relatives.

Raul Casado


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