December 4, 2020

“I don’t know if they will be able to celebrate or not”

The Regional Minister of the Presidency and spokesperson for the Government, Meritxell Budó, has opened the door this Friday for the Catalan elections scheduled for February 14 to be postponed due to the pandemic. “We have to be clear that elections must guarantee the vote of everyone and, if not, I don’t know if they can be held or not,” explained Budó in an interview on RTVE’s Café d’Idees program.

Budó has assured that at this moment they are working to “find the mechanisms and protocols that allow everyone to vote, access to information from around the world, and also the preservation of health and hygiene, not only of the people who are going to vote but also those who are working that day “, but he has avoided answering directly the question of whether the electoral date can be guaranteed at this time.

The councilor has also expressed herself about the last clash experienced within the Government between her party, JxCat, and ERC. Budó has acknowledged that the public discussion they have had in recent days “has not given a good image” and has pointed out that, “in a difficult moment, forms are important.” “We have to work to avoid it,” he said. However, the Government spokesperson has assured that the partners have finally managed to “redirect” the situation, and has been “committed that this does not happen again.”


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