April 11, 2021

I do not want my 'app' to be like the others | Innovation

I do not want my 'app' to be like the others | Innovation

If 15 years ago, developing a web page was a matter reserved for the illuminated few; today it might seem that 'anyone' is able to create one click at a time, thanks to the templates that, for example, hosting platforms offer.

There are also many templates that allow you to customize your applications, but if you want to create a really new one, you still have a lot to program. "We have all dreamed once with a tool capable of making a development based on our idea." Jaime García Cantero, content director of the Retina Forum, talks about a habitual concern: it is not enough for you to come up with a great idea, you have We need to achieve certain knowledge and perseverance, but you could count on some extra help from artificial intelligence.

In this third chapter of the series #StartMeApp, we approach the development stage. In particular, García Cantero explains how artificial intelligence can help us develop our code in a cheaper or safer way and three of the aspects that could be key to make a difference with our competitor.

In the video we will discover how we could shorten development times, or how AI can be very useful when making accurate estimates, both in terms of costs and delivery times.

And last but not least, we will see how AI can help us generate a more robust and secure code capable of protecting privacy.

A hackathon and a contest to stimulate the development of AI

You can now present your 'apps' for the second edition of the #StartMeApp contest to be held on February 14th. The winning initiatives in the previous edition were Miwuki, Hatcook and Byhours.

In addition, Huawei organized its first hackathon aimed at the development of AI with the aim of seeking projects that contribute to the welfare and development of society based on this technology.


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