October 30, 2020

I do not understand you, colleague

I do not understand you, colleague

In her time as general director of the Spanish cinema directions, Pilar Miró quoted in Madrid a good part of the most significant Latin American filmmakers with the aim of analyzing the points in common between the different cinematographies and trying to create a unique front against the American power . According to the Argentine director and producer Héctor Olivera, the call was a failure, and he illustrated it with his good humor evoking the day when several producers from different countries tried to meet on their own and did not agree on the appointment: one from they proposed that the meeting place be the hotel pool. "Where?" Asked another. In the pool, they clarified, and the Spanish translated: "They want to say in the pool." The conclusion is that there was no such encounter and that everyone returned to their country leaving things as they were. And how are they still?

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