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«I do not see myself as a Disney princess»

«I do not see myself as a Disney princess»

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Ever since Lucía Galán Bertrand got off the train last week, "Lucia, my pediatrician", she had constant and increasing speed. She gets off in Madrid to present her fourth book with Planeta, "Cuentos de Lucía, my pediatrician" in which, through Lola, her five-year-old protagonist, we learned that pediatricians can be fun, that fever and snot is not bad, and we have to respect diversity and learn to feed our children and help them sleep.

- How is this new book?

-They are six stories where Lola, who is the protagonist, is going to pass a series of things, which are the doubts that I most frequently encounter in the consultation. The fever, the mucus, the vaccines, the food, the sleep disorders that I see every day ... And we delve into something that is very important for me: to educate our children in diversity. Because Lola's brother, Toni, has an Autism Spectrum Disorder and it is important, not only to explain to his family environment what it consists of, but to educate the rest of society in acceptance, in diversity, in accompaniment, in empathy and in helping all these families. It's going great, we go for the second edition in 15 days and it's lovely to see how the parents send me how they paraphrase sentences from the book ...

-And she is so daring that, in addition, she has given duties to parents and children in each chapter.

-Clear. The best way to strengthen learning is to repeat it. I do this in the consultation, when I explain, sometimes I say "now tell me what we are going to do", so that they can strengthen. And to the children too: "You are going to leave the pacifier because you are a big child and because the teeth can be deformed. Now tell me you ». With stories equal, I think it's a great option to ask questions and parents to take clear messages home.

-According to the drawer of his book, Nuria Aparicio, his influence was always Disney, Are you a Disney princess?

- I said: I want an illustrator or illustrator that takes a lot of facial expressions. I do not like this fashion now of inexpressive children all gray and black. I want a lot of color, movement ... When I met Nuria's work, I said "this is what I want": these smiles are these faces of grief, of anger ..., because it defines me very well because I gesticulate a lot and move my hands a lot . I recognize myself in those drawings, although it has put more waist than I really have but ... Disney Princess no. I do not fulfill the canons nor of traditional family, nor of prince blue, nor of dress with crystal slipper. I am here after a lot of work and many things that I have had to leave on the way and I feel more warrior than princess; I could be a warrior princess.

-Each of your books goes to a different shelf. Where do we place this?

-In children, in your little bookstore ... Because there will be more.


-In September we take out "Your baby's diary", where you can collect all the data, photographs, letters and messages from when you get pregnant until your child turns two. And next year will come "The great book of pediatrics." It will be the pediatric reference book.

-The recently appointed member of the Advisory Board of Unicef ​​with Mercedes Cabrera Calvo-Sotelo; Rosa María Calaf and Cristina Garmendia, among many others. Tell me a specific measure that you can carry out

-When the president of Unicef ​​called me, I told him that I am no one compared to these people: «That Lucia, we need your energy, your strength; You know first-hand the needs of children and have also been on the ground in Senegal and Niger. " The idea is a first meeting of the council before the summer, and there establish a road map of the different ways that we will follow with a direct and close advice on what we can provide each. I fully trust Unicef; I've been working with them for two years. I know this is not a post, the photo and the postureo. This week an initiative on real conciliation came out, where from Unicef ​​we demand from the executive, whatever the color, that once and for all measures are taken for a real conciliation. With a maternity leave of six months which is what UNICEF and WHO recommend to achieve exclusive breastfeeding until then, tax benefits, incentives, bonuses to companies ...

-A few days ago it was learned of an outbreak of mumps in a university in Madrid, what could have happened?

-In Spain we are doing pretty well with vaccines. The outbreak of mumps that has emerged has not been intentional by an anti-vaccine movement. They have been kids in a university that are very close to each other. There has been an outbreak to be related to a batch of vaccines administered in a few years - the Community of Madrid refers to those manufactured between 1985 and 1988 and between 1995 and 1998 - that it seems that they did not have the effectiveness that the previous ones had. Although it seems strange, if the effectiveness of a vaccine falls from 97% to 92, or 87, that can mean an outbreak. That added to that in those ages there is a sector of the population that only took a dose, and mumps, such as measles and rubella, needs full coverage; although there is never one that covers 100%, it remains close to 98% is with two doses. It is very important to review the immunization schedules in all visits of the pediatrician, regardless of their age. You have to train our future doctors, insist that each visit of the child, has to be integrated, as you weigh them and measure them, check the book until 14 to pass these things.

- The pediatricians in mass you positioned yourself in favor of your companion of Seville in the case of the protocol of abuses.

-The truth is that it was a well-known and very felt case within the medical community, because we are pediatricians and we look after the wellbeing above all and above all of children and childhood. We have been trained to detect a suspicion of a possibility of sexual abuse and, before this, our professional and moral responsibility is to notify it. We are not judges; We are not the ones to say who has been, or if it has happened or not, or determine the details of the suspicion itself. But what is our obligation is to notify it. A tremendous commotion was mounted as a result of this companion exposing his case with name and surnames, the rest of the medical community jumped in his defense and, above all, I was very struck by the fact that the name of rapists, abusers and torturers is always in the press in initials, always respecting the presumption of innocence, and the name of this companion appeared complete, with what that means for her, for her family and for her profession. Fortunately, it has recently come out that she has already been declared innocent, something we are very happy about. And the reflection that I do is that at no time should pediatricians feel coerced by the possibility of notifying a suspicion of sexual abuse, because after seeing everything that has happened this companion gives me a little fear that some think it twice before notifying something so serious. And in the end, who loses? Well, the usual ones, which are the children.

-If I had to choose between being a pediatrician, but not talking to parents or patients, and being a writer, with what would it stay?

-Among pediatrician and communicator or discloser, I choose pediatrician; but the pediatrician that I am. The pediatrician close, empathetic; sensitive, and committed. If I can not be a pediatrician like that, I prefer not to exercise. The day I stop being excited with my patients I will stop exercising.


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