Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

"I do not rule out extending the pact"

After getting revalidated the charge of mayoress of your municipality in the elections of May 26, a Núria Marín (L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, 1962) the work is accumulated. Now he will have to meet the needs of the 311 municipalities of the province of Barcelona. its investiture as President of the Provincial Council, thanks to a pact with JxCat, has shaken the foundations of independence and it has placed on this institution a media focus to which it was not accustomed. His recipe in times of division, the search for agreements, with hardly any exclusions.


Once upon a time, in a not too distant time, an institution that was barely talked about, and if it was talked about, it was to consider his disappearance. What has happened so that the Provincial Council has become a somewhat obscure object of desire?

The Diputación has always been an institution coveted by those of us who dedicate ourselves to local politics, a space of consultation, cooperation and assistance to the municipalities to make life easier for citizens. That's why we, the PSC, as the most voted political force, have tried to reach agreements that are positive for the more than 5.7 million people living in the demarcation, and we do it for each and every one of the municipalities, whatever your political color.

The Diputación has always been identified as an instrument of management, of distribution of resources. Is it possible to capitalize politics from it?

Those of us who are in charge of the Diputación are mayors or mayors, we govern municipalities and if from somewhere it is done politics it is from the municipalities.

ERC also aspired to govern the Diputación. Why was a broad pact between socialists and republicans discarded?

We have tried to reach a government agreement that, finally, has been visualized with a certain political formation, but in my investiture speech I made it clear that I count on the government, with the opposition and with all the workers of this house . I do not rule out to be able to reach later agreements with other political forces.

Was JuntsxCat the first choice of agreement?

It has been with which we have closed the pact. We have spoken with the maximum of political forces and, finally, we have arrived at the situation that was seen in the plenary on Thursday.

It is only the beginning

"We started a mandate with 23 deputies and we could finish it with a larger majority"

Socialists and commons have agreed to governments in various municipalities, including Barcelona. Why not in the Provincial Council?

That would have to be asked of them. We tried that the commons could be incorporated and we did not rule out a later agreement to have a larger majority. The sum is always positive and I do not rule out starting the mandate with 23 deputies and ending it with a larger majority.

Have you ever feared that the pact could be broken, that JxCat would back down?

It was a possible scenario, but we have to believe in the word of the people. They had given the word, we closed a pact and I was confident that it would be fulfilled, as it has been.

Perhaps the time has come to erase red lines and talk less about sanitary cords …

In the municipal world is where those red lines and sanitary cords are less visualized.

Is that diversity of municipal pacts that has occurred is positive?

I think so because the reality is that we do not all think the same way, we represent different ideologies, but it is good that we can establish pacts. That is the policy, discuss, defend each their positions and, for the benefit of citizens, reach agreements. That should be normal, not the exception.

In his investiture spoke of the need to work together in what unites them, but the image that many politicians have projected is that the only thing that unites them are the desire to occupy power.

In the case of the Provincial Council, we are convinced of the need for the administration to help municipalities that, by themselves, can not provide many services. We talk about libraries, tax collection, telecare, equality issues, so many services that, if it were not for entities such as the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​there would be first-class municipalities and second-class municipalities.

Núria Marín governs the second city of Catalonia, a metropolitan city, and makes the flag of metropolitanism. Now he must attend to municipalities that have little to do with the reality he knows best. Ready for the dive?

I have very assumed this responsibility, that of an institution that serves from large cities to micromunicipalities. The council will be at the side of everyone, but if I have to prioritize I will do it for the smallest, the weakest, as we do in the town halls, where we support the weakest neighborhoods to rebalance.

When someone accesses a position they are asked about their priorities. Do you already have a clear roadmap?

Economic promotion, social and territorial cohesion, cooperation with the municipalities so that they have the services they need. But the first step is to finish constituting the government of the Diputación, to begin to explore possible agreements with other formations that have been placed in the opposition but that must be listened to and collected by the government. We are going to open a dialogue space, make immediate decisions, but it is good that we take a well deserved vacation because it has been a very intense year from the political and electoral point of view.

Neither candidate for the Generalitat nor minister, for now

The new president of the Diputación de Barcelona wants to reassure the residents of l'Hospitalet. He accumulates work but says: "They know perfectly that my priority is my city". To confront the moonlighting, he relies on the two teams, that of the City Council and that of the provincial corporation. At the moment it does not seem to have the slightest aspiration of two other socialist ex-presidents of the Diputación that in their day made the leap to the Government of Spain. When he is reminded that "there are not two without three", Núria Marín responds categorically: "We hope to stay in two". His good electoral results and his ascendancy in the party could place him in the medium term in the list of possible candidates for the presidency of the Generalitat for a PSC on the rise. However, this option does not enter into the plans of the president of the Diputación. "Let me enjoy the presidency of the council and my recent majority in the City. There is a lot of work to be done in l'Hospitalet, big strategic projects. Not that I despise any political office but I have a lot of work, as mayor and as president of the Provincial Council, and I will enjoy it, "he insists.

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