"I do not look for papers, but to be at the height that my job requires"

"I do not look for papers, but to be at the height that my job requires"

Jose Coronado, who has passed the age wise of 60, is a boiling actor who continues studying and to which the work maturity has left a maxim: "I do not look for characters or roles, but to be at the height of what that the office requires of me because I have realized that this is how I can live with dignity. "

He has just arrived at Spanish homes in two television series, "Vivir sin permiso" and "Gigantes", where he plays an odious and selfish father, and now presents his new work as a protagonist in the movies, "Tu hijo", which directs the Sevillian Miguel Angel Vivas, a "normal" man to whom life "puts a misfortune", explains Coronado in an interview with Efe: His son enters a coma after a brutal beating at the exit of a nightclub.

"It's a thriller that entertains you for an hour and a half but goes much further: it's a film that allows you to contribute something to the society in which you live, with the ability to stir consciences, and which makes fathers and mothers of all We ask ourselves questions about who our children are, if we know them well and if we should do something different, for me, Coronado says, if that debate were opened, it would be a success. "

Coronado is Jaime, a surgeon father of two children (Pol Monen and Asia Ortega), who throughout the film tries to understand what has happened to his son and why, and punish the guilty.

"First, as a good citizen, he wants to bring irrefutable proof to the justice system, but he has flaws in his form - that is, we must also think about it, Coronado says - but from there, like any father who has been broken life begins to wander, lost in the night, destined to descend to unknown hells, but he needs to know. "

And Jaime "starts to screw up". Seriously.

Coronado believes that, in his case, he would do the same as his character: "Of course he would do it, it is what we want, that everyone thinks so that we realize that something must be changed".

"One of the great bets of the film is to talk about the difficulty of communication between generations, when I was young, my teachers and above all, my parents, were my referents, and I respected them because it was so, because it was logical and we did not know how to do it in another way, today the referents are the 'influencers', the social networks, the postureos ". There is a comfort in the separation between parents and children and we do nothing to avoid it, "reflects the actor.

And "we should," he adds, "something must be done, we must try to get to know our children despite the difficulties."

Jaime discovers who his son is "at the touch of a movie". As your search progresses you will have to make a series of moral decisions that must be approved or not by the viewer. At that point, Coronado proposes to change the male and female roles of the film convinced that "it would be the same, because we are not avengers, we are people who need answers".

Everything, in a script that also has written the Sevillian makes the chill of six years.

"When they began to happen so many coincidences with today we realized that we had not been wrong," says Vivas Efe. Because in the tape there is a group violation recorded with a mobile, threats and bribes from an employer so that the facts do not harm your business or the inability of the law to move between obsolete standards.

"We have a responsibility as filmmakers, but also as people, to punch at the table," Vivas contributes on his fifth feature film after making TV series such as "Mar de plástico", "La casa de papel" or "Vivir sin papel". permission ", even on the air.

Coronado warns: When you reach the end with this man, there is an unexpected turn that leaves the air to the "monster that has become someone who saved lives, and this can happen to anyone. Jaime are all," says the actor , that could add with this work his second Goya prize.

The tape arrives this Friday at the Spanish theaters.

Alicia G. Arribas.


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