June 21, 2021

I do not know that hospital admission was denied to elderly residents

The vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, said on Monday that he is not aware that patients from nursing homes in the region were not allowed to enter the hospital during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Confidential published this Monday a part of discharge from the Emergencies of the Infanta Cristina de Parla Hospital, on March 25, confirming that there were orders to reject the elderly with symptoms of coronavirus.

“Given the current situation of saturation, and due to the indication of the medical address given this morning, patients are not allowed to enter the hospital in residence,” according to the emergency discharge report, for which he returned to his healthcare center at a woman younger than 80 years old who presented “bilateral pneumonia” and “probable COVID-19 (pending PCR)”, according to the “clinical judgment” recorded in the same document.

The patient died three days later at her residence without having been admitted to the Infanta Cristina de Parla Hospital.

Speaking to Telemadrid, Aguado has assured that he is not aware that the hospitalization of patients from nursing homes in the region was not allowed during the coronavirus pandemic and “if it was done it is wrong.”

“You cannot discriminate against the population based on where they come from, they come from a residence, they come from a home or they come from the street directly. This cannot be done and, of course, if it has been done, measures will have to be taken because , from an ethical point of view, that does not fit anywhere, “said the regional vice president.

Aguado has indicated that the Community of Madrid has experienced “an absolutely exceptional situation, where healthcare almost collapsed, but thanks to the work of thousands of healthcare professionals and that we were able to resize healthcare, this was not the case.”

However, he stressed, “you have to remain alert, you cannot let your guard down because at any time there may be a regrowth and you have to be prepared.”


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