April 19, 2021

"I curse myself, I curse that day"

"I curse myself, I curse that day"

José Roselló, the father of Julen, the 2-year-old boy who died after falling down a well in Totalán (Málaga), tries to rebuild his life with the help of friends who try to "think of something else", although he says: " I close my eyes and see the same thing: the well. "

"I curse myself, I curse that day, what a bad time I went there. I will not go to the country anymore, nor will I eat a plate of paella, "he says. an interview with the newspaper Sur on its own initiative, in order to convey a message of thanks to the people who participated in the rescue of their son.

Roselló does not want "the complaint" of his last appearance before the media, when he claimed more resources to locate Julen, so Just as he left to ask for more means, now he wants to "do it to give thanks".

"We have felt very wrapped up, although the pain does not take anyone, I will be eternally grateful," says the father of the child, who says that he and his wife, Vicky, have felt "very clothed" and have also read "excited "all the messages of support that have come from Spain and other countries.

Both try to return as late as possible to the family home, the house that gave him an aunt of her in the Malaga neighborhood of El Palo, to which they moved after the death of their first child, Óliver, in 2017.

"We used to live with my family, but when we passed the Óliver we had to go because everything was a memory, and now you go in. You start to see dolls, balls … We spent three or four days staying with a friend and we only go to ours to sleep, "says Julen's father.

Julen's body was rescued on the morning of January 26 from the well where it was more than 70 meters deep after thirteen days of searching.


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