'I can not take it anymore': accessible toilets in cafes and shops for Crohn's patients - La Provincia

'I can not take it anymore': accessible toilets in cafes and shops for Crohn's patients - La Provincia

The Cabildo and 35 shops in Gran Canaria have joined the 'I can not take it anymore' campaign so that those affected by the Intestinal Inflammatory Disease, such as Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis, have access to the bathrooms quickly and without the need to consume thanks to a card that identifies them as patients.

The Cabildo is the first island institution to support this initiative of the Association of Crohn's Disease and Canine Ulcerative Colitis, where there is 12,000 patients, with the aim of improving their quality of life, since it will give them more autonomy when they are sure that they will have a bath when they need it, explained the island president, Antonio Morales, during the presentation of this "extraordinary social measure".

For this reason, the insular headquarters already looks at its entrance on Pérez Galdós Street from Wednesday, the first designed plaque of the network of collaborators, formed by coffee shops, restaurants and shops that will allow entry to their bathrooms, even private ones.

"The Cabildo is now more accessible for patients with Crohn and ulcerative colitis," said the president of the Association, Fuensanta León, who along with Morales thanked the design of Morgan.

And is that one of the problems that most anguish these patients is the continuous and sometimes unpredictable need to go to the bathroom. This situation makes it difficult for them to leave their home or to socialize for fear of not finding accessible services at the necessary time, and when they leave, the first thing they do when arriving at a site is to locate where they are. Therefore, this measure will give them more security and tranquility, detailed León.

Gran Canaria is, at the moment, the only island of the archipelago with this campaign that already make associations in the Peninsula with other slogans, as is the case of 'I can not wait' in Catalonia or 'I need it already' in Guipúzcoa. The objective is to ensure that all public administrations and businesses in the Canary Islands join this initiative by requesting their accession.

With 'I can not take it anymore', those affected already have bathrooms in shops of 7 Palmas, San Gregorio in Telde, Moya and San Mateo after the steps taken by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce representatives with their Commercial Zones Open, which provides the stickers that will identify their windows with the exclamation "Chacho, I can not take it anymore!" of Morgan's characters.

In addition, patients will have an application for mobile devices funded from the Insular Institute of Social and Socio-Health Care of the Cabildo to identify the adhered companies to locate them easily.

Patients only have to deliver to the association the form available at www.accucanarias.org after taking it to your doctor or a digestive, professionals who have also joined the campaign, to make them state that they have the disease.

In addition to those affected by Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis, ostomized and colectomized people, those affected by colon cancer and those with irritable bowel may also request identification.


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