August 1, 2021

«I can invent a right side or whatever I want»

«I can invent a right side or whatever I want»

"I usually do not talk about any player that is not on the list," says Luis Enrique when asked about Jordi Alba. The left side of Barcelona did not play in the last stage of the Asturian Barca coach, who has not counted on him in the two calls he has made so far for the Red. Nor does it give explanations when the question is whether to make the list only sports reasons or personal reasons. "Personal motives have not happened to me. It has happened to me for professional reasons. There are many players out of the list who deserve to be, who have been level to be, but I can only carry 23 ", is justified.

But the coach is more concerned with the right side than the left, where Marcos Alonso and Gayá repeat. Without Carvajal, his options are Azpilicueta and Jonny, the player loaned by Atlético to Wolverhampton and whom he knows of his stage in Celta. "Azpilicueta plays right-back at Chesea and can play central. And Jonny plays left-back, but he's right and played there at Celta last year when Hugo Mallo was injured. I can invent a right side and I can invent whatever I want, "he said at the insistence of a journalist.

Jonny is the great novelty of a list that also incorporate, Bartra, Koke and Paco Alcácer, who enters the injury of Diego Costa. "As a coach, it's the first time that happens to me [que un jugador no esté por lesión]. When I see one of these situations I regret it, but I value the opportunity that I give other players to train with us and compete because they teach me their level they already do in their teams. It's good for the competition and for nobody to fall asleep, "he says. And Alcácer, who trained at Barcelona, ​​says: "I know him very well. He had a very bright stage in Valencia. When he was with us he did not have many minutes and in those cases the performance goes down. In Dortmund he is playing well and scoring goals. There are possibilities to see players in that position because we have casualties, "he admits.

Luis Enrique misses Isco in this call, operated on appendicitis. He is a unique player, but he has solutions. "The loss of Isco is very difficult for us to fight because he is an unbalancing player, but we have players with a similar profile who could play a little role. Ceballos, who is not a pure extreme, could do it. Asensio can play natural leg, it is an option and I have more players who could do it, like the same Iago Aspas, who can play a natural leg, "he explains. Isco is not there, but Koke returns, who missed the coach's first call. "If it is because it has made merits to be. He is imporate in his club and in the national team. I am open to the players to surprise me, even those I know in detail. A call has the advantage that I will be able to work with Koke this week. The doors of the selection are open for a long time according to what I consider necessary, "he says.


Goalkeepers: De Gea, Kepa and Pau López.

Defenses: Bartra, Azpilicueta, Albiol, Nacho, Sergio Ramosm Jonny, Marcos Alonso and Gayá.

Midfielders: Busquets, Koke, Saúl, Thiago, Ceballos and Rodri.

Strikers: Paco Alcácer, Asensio, Morata, Iago Aspas, Suso and Rodrigo.


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