"I bought gifts and he paid later"

One of the alleged money laundering operations involving the King Emeritus and his ex-Corinna Larsen and investigated by the Swiss Prosecutor Yves Bertosa refers to a movement of 150,000 euros made by Juan Carlos de Borbón from Switzerland in July 2010, according to reports. The world. In his statement before the prosecutor of the canton of Geneva, the ex-partner of Juan Carlos de Borbón attributed the movement to the payment of gifts bought by him on his behalf.

All the protagonists of the case of the fortune of Juan Carlos I in Switzerland

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"Sometimes it happened that Don Juan Carlos asked me to buy gifts for the people I was going to meet and bought those gifts with my credit card. I paid and then he returned the money to me," Larsen told the prosecutor in December 2018. .

This same media reports that Juan Carlos used the Zagatka Foundation, controlled by his cousin Álvaro de Orleans-Borbón, in this operation. The money was sent from a bank account of this entity to a Corinna deposit at HSBC Monaco bank.

The prosecutor investigates whether Juan Carlos used Corinna for an alleged laundering of his hidden fortune in Switzerland. In this case, Larsen, Dante Canonical and Arturo Fasana -the last two, presumed figureheads of the emeritus king.

The Swiss Prosecutor's Office investigates a donation of 100 million dollars from the king of Saudi Arabia to the king emeritus, the result of his supposed intermediation in the AVE contract to Mecca, and which had ended up in a bank in that country.

Corinna will declare in Spain

The king's ex-lover will testify before a Spanish court in September, after Judge Manuel García-Castellón's order to reopen room number 5, who was investigating in the National Court the indications of crimes that emerge from some recordings seized from Commissioner Villarejo in which he and Larsen appear speaking.

The first judge of the case filed the piece in 2018, according to Anticorruption, for lack of evidence and because the possible crimes attributed to the emeritus monarch could not be investigated by the inviolability of which until 2014 the monarch enjoyed.

The conversations of Corinna and Commissioner Villarejo point to Juan Carlos I, although he cannot be investigated by the National Court as he is heard before the Supreme Court.

However, the Supreme Prosecutor's Office has taken over the investigation against him for the alleged collection of a commission to act as an intermediary in the award of the works of the AVE to Mecca in favor of a conglomerate of Spanish companies. The prosecutors They investigate whether Juan Carlos committed money laundering and a tax crime.


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