“I am very grateful to what life has given me”

Isabel Torres in & # 039; Save me Deluxe & # 039;

Isabel Torres in ‘Save me Deluxe’

“The entry of the disease in my life was a vase of cold water,” he confessed this Saturday night the actress from Gran Canaria Isabel Torres at ‘Save me Deluxe’. In a program that was very emotional, the artist, who have end-stage lung cancer, was surprised with the live delivery of the Ondas Award that she won in 2020 for the performance of the role of Cristina ‘La Veneno’ in the series ‘Veneno’.

Isabel Torres acknowledged that “she did not know what to do” when they told her she had cancer and that What gave him “courage to move on” was the thought that he was shooting the series of his life. She is proud of the work done, which “will remain so that people are aware of how difficult it is to be transgender.”

During the program He had words of gratitude for the Canarian lung cancer group and its oncologist, Dr. Delvis Rodríguez, who gave him the immunotherapy treatment that allowed him to “spend eight great months” in his illness. He explained that he had to stop treatment due to an adverse reaction and “cancer took revenge.”

He stressed that, in his situation, “you look at death in the face and it scares you”. However, “I will be fully prepared to leave quietly,” said Isabel, who through social networks has disclosed and normalized her illness. Earlier this week he uploaded his latest video, in which he revealed that he has only “two months to live.”

In March 202, in the middle of filming the series ‘Veneno’, he received a diagnosis of lung cancer. From that moment, he made it public.

The journalist Chelo García-Cortes praised their behavior. “It is admirable that you make us see your pain,” he said.

All the collaborators of ‘Sálvame Deluxe’ stood up several times during the interview with Isabel Torres to applaud her. Tears also emerged from both Isabel and the collaborators already Maria Patiño, who was conducting the program in the absence of Jorge Javier, his voice broke with emotion on several occasions, the first of them with the memory of his father and Mila Ximenez, both died of cancer.

Allusions to Mila Ximénez, who was diagnosed with lung cancer that killed her almost at the same time as Isabel Torres, were present in the program.

Isabel, who reviewed her life, commented that she has felt the need to say goodbye and ask forgiveness from many people in her life, including her ex-partners.

“I am very grateful to what life has given me”she declared, recalling that she has felt very loved and supported. “I had the opportunity to have two mothers and my foster mother made me the happiest human being in the world.”, he pointed. He did not hide that he has had a bad time, but he has also been able to savor the honeys of professional success. “I have had great loves and things so wonderful that I can only be thankful”, he pointed.

An Isabel committed to “getting the best version” of herself, acknowledged that she did not like Cristina ‘La Veneno’, but that she learned to love her “through her wounds” and above all she understood that “she walked so we could run”.

The top moments of the program, the most emotional, were the delivery of the Ondas Award, the videos where she is seen receiving other recognitions and the messages sent by her friends, among them the Javis, directors of the series ‘Veneno’.


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