April 14, 2021

"I am the most charnego. I like my Spain a lot"

He arrives at the Ilunion hotel in Madrid with his bag on his back. From "Operation Triunfo" he went on to represent Spain in Eurovision where he made good friends. He releases his first album in September, thirteen superstition-proof tracks. He says that when he grows up he wants to be like his little brother. He will participate in a chapter of Paquita Salas and "whatever I have left to say, I will communicate it in songs".

What envious song that would not have occurred to you?

I think that of "We will return" by Charango. Those of the album I have composed and sometimes I compose with the WhatsApp audio.

Sherlock Holmes spoke of the "Temple of Memory." What is in yours?

The memories of the moments in which I have had to make important decisions in my life and that have all been focused on being a singer.

He says he wants to heal wounds. Will we find his music in a pharmacy?

Surely yes, in pharmacies and parapharmacies at airports. In the album there is a song in which I have opened my stomach and my chest in a canal and put it on the table.

Sing "Celebrate." Do you have reasons?

Right now I celebrate that, finally, I am happy, that I live from what I want to live, that I am still surrounded by what I wanted to be and having a lot of support from the people around me musically speaking.

When he said at home that he wanted to be a singer, what did he say?

That first he had to take a career and that the singing had to be secondary. My mother keeps insisting that I take the race.

He says: "My scars make me who I am." Read me one of them …

I think my scars are all the mistakes I have made self-judging myself. I had a lot of overweight problems and I was very hard on myself and every time I did something wrong I self-infuriated. I have said many bad things many times.

How was that stage? How did you manage it?

The problem is that he told me very ugly things and did not remedy. For me, my childhood was marked because I felt I was a fat man and told me in the mirror, and I wanted to lose weight.

Who did it compare with?

I was a big fan of Disney musical actors who seemed like princes, and that hurt me a lot. I would love to be a musical actor like «High School Musical».

I was studying Primary Education … How would you like to be a teacher?

I've always wanted to be a math teacher. I am one of those who want to do a fun class and show that with mathematics you can also have fun.

What would Pythagoras think if he listened to one of his songs?

What am I a leg?

How has the bandage been removed?

I think that our life is quite marked by prejudices and I am trying to take off the bandage in that sense, if I don't keep the first impression. I had a lot of prejudices because they judged me many times.

Tell me a secret about you …

One secret is that I have enough TOCS. For example, when I take off my briefs I always have to throw them in the same box in the room. Before sleeping I pass a mop around the bed so that there is nothing. My mother says that while it is cleaner, that good …

Do you speak Catalan in privacy?

Same, like Aznar. Even sometimes I dare in public. With all my circle of friends I speak in Catalan, at home I speak Spanish because my grandparents are Andalusian. I am the most charnego … I like my Spain very much. Loving Catalonia does not mean loving Spain. The extremes are bad.

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