March 9, 2021

"I am sure that the Government will do what the Justice asks for so that there is no impunity for Puigdemont"

Puigdemont has not joined the protesters who were waiting for him next to the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France) – coinciding with the constitutive session of the European Parliament – for fear of being arrested, even though he was "within meters" of distance, as his lawyer Gonzalo Boye has indicated.

"I am sure, I say it without irony, that the Government and the State Security Forces are going to do everything that the Spanish Justice asks them so that there is no loophole of impunity for these people, decide to go where they decide to go", has Married, to be convinced also that the countries around us "would collaborate for any instruction given by a Spanish judge."

In addition, in a press conference in Congress, the leader of the PP has assured that the European Justice has given "the reason" to the Popular Party and neither Puigdemont nor Comín, fugitives of the Spanish justice, will be able to "acquire the full status of MEPs ".

The General Court of the EU rejected on Monday the request of Puigdemont and Comín to agree provisional measures so that they are recognized as MEPs and can take possession of their seat in the European Parliament on Tuesday.

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