June 24, 2021

“I am satisfied with my career, but more than all the people who love me” | Culture

"I am satisfied with my career, with everything I have done, but with all the people who love me." Carmelilla Montoya, bailaora and cantaora trianera, thanked many times with words in the tribute that the world of flamenco paid him on Thursday night at the theater of Fibes, in Seville, but even more thanked him with his gestures, as kind and sincere as in the photographs of a girl in which she appeared almost at the end of the show, always singing and dancing. Carmelilla Montoya, 57, retires from the stage due to health problems and more than fifty of her colleagues wanted to fire her by giving her art at a gala of almost three and a half hours in which about 60 artists participated with the stage direction of Rubén Olmo, director of the National Ballet of Spain.

On the stage of the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Seville and before about 1,500 people they passed great dance as La Farruca, Antonio Canales, Eva Yerbabuena, Pastora Galván, Amador Rojas, Adela and Rafael Campallo, Rosario Toledo, Mercedes Ruiz, Hiniesta Cortés and even Milagros Mengíbar, who lavished a little, closed the dance block with a cantiña that set the audience on its feet. The proceeds at the box office are for the artist honored.

"I have no words for all this. Really, thank you, thank you. I am rich in people who love me," Carmelilla Montoya was right to say when she came out to greet, along with all the artists, after a tribute that, despite the numerous poster , developed without waiting for changes. The night began with producer and composer Ricardo Pachón, director of the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco, who received Carmelilla on stage and recalled his beginnings: "I met her when she was nine years old, in the Three Thousand Homes, who sang and danced in the meetings with his father, El Morito, a gypsy from Extremadura who was all kindness, entered the La Familia Montoya group, with his aunt Antonia La Negra and his cousin Lole, and with 10 years he already became a figure. with the whole family and when she went out and did her dance, she put people up. "

Rubén Olmo, in Fibes this Thursday in the tribute to Carmelilla Montoya.

Rubén Olmo, in Fibes this Thursday in the tribute to Carmelilla Montoya.

The gala, organized by the Cristina Heeren Foundation of Flamenco Art —In which Carmelilla Montoya has been a teacher for the past two years— and for producer Jesús Molina, she started with Rubén Olmo dancing, almost on tip, Phoenix, a choreography of his work Quiet fuss, Accompanied by Rafael Riqueni on guitar. "When I told Rafael that I was going to dance Phoenix He told me: 'Well, I'm going to wrap you in roses', and that's how he did it with a song from his album Maria Luisa Park"Olmo commented after the show. The Renaissance The dancer, wrapped in a magnificent Manila shawl, was one of the most beautiful moments of the night.

In the dance block also stood out Amador Rojas, who made a spectacular appearance all in white, with cape to the feet, and danced a hybrid between zambra and farruca lulled by a violin in which in the end he stripped off almost everything, including a Pearl necklace scattered on stage. The coupé also moved the public Our love broke that José Valencia sang to Eva Yerbabuena, the only one who wore a gown; the soleá by bulerías interpreted by the Campallo brothers and the seguiriyas by Antonio Canales.

And although the dance was the forte of the night, Carmelilla Montoya received with only 15 years the National Dance Prize of the Chair of Flamencology of Jerez, also the singing and the touch took center stage. Six singers, including El Pele, Pansequito, José Valencia, Segundo Falcón and José de la Tomasa, performed tonás, martinete and soleás. The guitars were, in addition to the teacher Riqueni, Manolo Franco, Paco Jarana, Juan Habichuela grandson … The female singer had a separate chapter with Aurora Vargas, Amaya Remedies, María Terremoto, Alba Molina, Encarna Anillo and La Susi. Esperanza Fernández did not miss the appointment, but since she was totally aphonic, she changed the song for a little leg For trianeros and for the affection that unites them to their neighbor Carmelilla, not for flamingos, they also attended the appointment Los Morancos, the humorous duo made one of their numbers of Omaíta and Antonia, although without characterizing.

The life of Carmelilla Montoya, who has worked alongside greats of the genre such as Camarón or Paco de Lucía, passed before the audience in a video made by La Zanfoña Producciones. Since appearing on the 1973 television show Rite and geography of cante, dedicated to children in flamenco, until their interventions in recent montages, such as Fedra, always with the same momentum.

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