«I am not worried about the continuity of Womad in Cáceres»

«I am not worried about the continuity of Womad in Cáceres»

An edition of Womad in Cáceres. / c7

Dania Dévora, director of the Womad festival for Spain, which is in charge of the annual event in Cáceres and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, assured this Sunday that she is not worried about the continuity of the Cáceres event, which has a signed contract for one more edition, of that of 2023, with the Consortium of the Great Theater, which finances the multiethnic event with almost half a million euros.

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The continuity of Womad Cáceres has been in doubt in recent years, before
the pandemic will silence the festival during 2020 and 2021.

«For me, the continuity of Womad is not a concern. I'm more worried about sleeping more than four hours”, ironically the director of DD&Company Producciones,
before the last festival day that the capital of Cáceres lives this Sunday.

Dévora thanked the "commitment" of the consortium, made up of the Junta de Extremadura, the Provincial Council and the City Council of Cáceres, which "
necessary” to schedule in advance.

"We can now say that
we are working on the 2023 edition»pointed out after the criticism that arose due to the delay in presenting this year's poster, whose programming was made public on April 29, just a week before the Cáceres festival began.

He has also alluded to the fact that this biannual contract for the 2022-23 editions includes a possible extension of two more years.

"More than commitment, which is necessary,
we care about the reaction of the public this year»Dévora added in the face of the massive influx of public to the festival, which has exceeded forecasts and has brought together 140,000 people in the three days of concerts.

Dania Dévora has also made it clear that "the key" to avoiding a bad image of the festival, such as the accumulation of garbage in the monumental environment, "is held by the City Council of Cáceres,
that handles the key to the city with all the services involved».

In this regard, the mayor of Cáceres, Luis Salaya, has been almost relieved this Sunday by the fact that "problems such as the bottle are beginning to be solved" that congregates in the
Plaza Mayor each edition.

According to municipal data, 14,200 kilos of garbage have been collected in this edition compared to 28,000 in the last one, which was held in 2019, before the pandemic. "What we have to do
it is to mark more demanding horizons”, the councilor pointed out.

The traditional parade lowers the curtain this Sunday on the 30th anniversary of Womad Cáceres. A day without concerts and more focused on family audiences, with children's workshops on the sea, Jamaican dance and African music and instruments at the Pedrilla Museum.

You can also enjoy the craft market on Paseo de Cánovas and the Food of the World market in Las Veletas.

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