September 20, 2020

"I am lame, like the rest of Parliament, some invalid and other lame"

"I am lame, like the rest of Parliament, some disabled and others lame," he told the media before attending the internal meeting of the Socialist Parliamentary Group in which the president of the acting Government and leader takes part behind closed doors from PSOE, Pedro Sánchez.

As the oldest deputy, Zamarrón Moreno will have to preside at the beginning of the 10th session of the constitutive session of the Lower House, in which the socialist Meritxell Batet will be elected again as president of the Congress and the rest of the members of the the Bureau of Congress.

The question of the day will be whether or not Vox enters the governing body of the Chamber, as well as in the 'coleillas' to abide by the Constitution that will be used by elected deputies, a preliminary step to assume their status as parliamentarian.

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