"I am focused on the Ministry of Labor, the vice-presidency is secondary"

"My task is the Ministry of Labor. It is my profession, what I like the most in life and I am focused on it. With all the honor of being vice president, that is secondary." This is how the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, responded to the journalists who were waiting for her at the door of the parliamentary commission where she appeared on Monday to report on the activity of her department. They have been the first declarations of the designated as successor to Pablo Iglesias when he leaves the Government and Congress to launch himself as a candidate of United We Can to the Community of Madrid.

Madrid: Pablo Iglesias' last battle in the square where Podemos was born

Madrid: Pablo Iglesias' last battle in the square where Podemos was born

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Díaz has acknowledged that he was "stunned" when Iglesias informed him of his decision a week ago today. The words are from a journalist, but she has accepted them after a brief silence: "Honestly, yes." The still second vice president of the Government announced last Monday his intention to resign from his state positions to launch what may be his last battle: Madrid. Asked about how he sees that campaign, Díaz has refused to make "assessments" about it.

The future leader of United We Can, provided that take over the task of Pablo Iglesias, has avoided pronouncing precisely on his predisposition to head a next coalition candidacy. "I am focused on my government tasks," she has limited herself to answering. "We have quite a few problems in the labor market, with a very hard structural strike," he said. To reiterate: "I am focused with my team on the tasks of the Government of the country."

Given the insistence of journalists about their future role in the Government and the negotiations between the PSOE and United We Can in which in the end Nadia Calviño was promoted to second vice president, while Díaz will occupy the second vice presidency, the minister has settled: they will never find, and my history supports me, arguing for positions.


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