I am clearly the target of all criticism from the left

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has assured this Tuesday that it is evident that she is the target of all the criticism from the left because "they try every day by all means to discredit" the management she has done in Madrid in this months.

In an interview with Antena 3, he shared the words of former Prime Minister José María Aznar who on Monday praised Díaz Ayuso's management in the COVID-19 crisis in the face of criticism and insults from "the sons of Chávez", heirs to the legacy of the former Venezuelan president and who now hold positions in the Government "unfortunately for Spain".

The regional president has referred to the photographs that accompanied an interview that was published in El Mundo last Sunday, in which, dressed in black, she appeared with her arms crossed on her chest, which has prompted comments on social networks because she transmits grief for coronavirus victims.

"This is a very good, in-depth interview with El Mundo, where we talk about many topics, on a Friday, after a very hard week, in the late afternoon" and that when the session ends, the photographs are taken, he explained. .

"A long time ago, since all this has happened to me, we have had such a bad time and we have been on the run towards real problems, that I often go in sneakers, with the first thing I take. I do not fall into how this photo falls "Diaz Ayuso has admitted.

The head of the Madrid Executive has recognized that the coronavirus crisis has changed her priorities and has been "the worst and the best" that has happened to her from a political point of view, because she has never been so important in helping people in a given moment.

Díaz Ayuso has assumed responsibility for the photographs published by El Mundo.

"If at any given moment, the photographer who did his work said: Hey, here I see a photo. I cannot criticize him there. If anything, the responsibility is mine. If he says it, I won't fall. Maybe At some other time, if I'm fresher, I say that I don't like those photos, but at that moment I was with him, it seemed good to me. This reflects three seconds, the interview lasted an hour, "he pointed out.

He said that he does not want people to think that he is not focused on what is important and has assured that he is working so that people leave hospitals soon, that the virus does not spread in Madrid and that citizens soon recover the jobs they had in the months of January and February.


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