“I am a monster fruit of conquest, a multiform creature capable of mutating”

Mallorcan by birth, of Equatorial Guinean parents from the Bubi tribe, her career is a model of multiculturalism. Are you equally drawn to the many styles you play?

I am drawn to all musical styles because they represent our feelings.

As Guineans, their parents have been Spanish speakers. Do you feel linked to this culture?

Of course, Guinean culture is in my blood, in my skin, in my hair and in my childhood memories of traditions that our parents transferred to us. I am a multiform creature with mutant capacity.

Her real name, Concha Balboa, sounds very Spanish, and the professional, Buika, very exotic. What does it contain in ethnic terms?

Actually, I have not used a stage name. I have used the same one because my name is María Concepción Balboa Buika.

Her voice is defined as “sensual and languid, sweet and commanding at the same time.” Is this the secret of its versatility?

My only secret is that I don’t have any for myself or anyone else because if I keep things to myself then they forget. I prefer that everyone knows everything and then I can ask for myself and they know how to answer me.

“Guinean culture is in my blood, in my skin, in my hair and in my childhood memories»


He has worked in seven languages ​​with almost all the stars of these times, from Manzanero to Chavela and from Bebo Valdés to Chick Corea, among many others. Did they influence your taste for diversity?

He was already coming with me. They didn’t need to be very influential, but I did find that it was just easy for me to work with different artists of different styles and I’m enjoying it.

In 2008 she was the winner of the Latin Grammy for the best traditional tropical album, and has been nominated for the same award in five other editions, the last one, for now, this year.. Do you need anything else for your international consecration?

I am nominated this year with Santana. I have always felt very respected and loved by all the countries in which I have traveled, by all the cultures in which I have been. With my music I have always found myself very loved. I don’t aspire to much more. I recognize that I like everything I have achieved and am achieving. I am very at peace with my career, honestly.

His voice is on the soundtrack of a film by Almodóvar, La piel que habito. Have you collaborated with other filmmakers or do you plan to do so?

Yes, but it is something that is not under my control because I am not the one who makes the movies. I am open to everything, I do not close myself to anything. I am a great entertainer, not just a singer or a musician. I like to see people happy and I am capable of doing whatever it takes to achieve it, including being a clown.

“I like to see people happy and I am capable of doing whatever it takes to achieve it, even the clown»


Of the rich variety of musical influences received from your childhood, which ones follow most within you?

They are seven notes, sharps, flats and their mysteries. All influences are still inside of me.

Has your ethnic origin influenced the choice of your repertoire, which includes songs even in Armenian and Hebrew?

I always say that I am a monster of conquest. I have no ethnic origin. My parents are African, but I also did not find that nationality was found in identity. I have been without an identity for 50 years. I don’t think I’m going for it at this point.

What will you perform at the Fall Jazz Festival?

I have no idea because I am not used to preparing for concerts, but we are all going to enjoy it a lot. I have not been in the Canary Islands for a long time, but the islanders and Majorcans are united by the abandonment that one always feels when growing up on an island, feeling very far from everything and, deep down, it is not true. My message for Canaries and Majorcans is that we are not alone.


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