September 23, 2020

«I am a disaster, I leave the scripts in the shootings»

It was Suso from «Compañeros», the doctor from Samur, the policeman from «Sin Tits there is no paradise», the singer from Kronen, the bad guy from Pancho and the one from the wines as presented in his Twitter account. And since 1992 he debuted in "Ham ham" has not rained. Armando del Río is one of the actors of "The knot", a series of Atresplayer Premium that tells the story of two couples who cross to live a forbidden love and just released. But, in addition, it is filming «The last show» and in November it will also premiere «Low Funds», based on the successful Dutch police series «Penoza». As if that were not enough, as a director and producer he has his latest short, "Karma", for national festivals.

–How many lives do you live?

– I have lived pieces of many, because they are not complete. The good thing about this job is being able to put yourself in the shoes of another.

– When do you live and when do you act?

– I act when they say "action" and start living when they say "cut."

– Do you never overlap the scripts?

– I always leave them in the shootings. I'm a mess.

– Are you an actor in top form?

– Let's say that over the years you learn. And that I am at my best.

–At the thread of some titles, what makes a knot?

– Some judicial sentences, certain politicians who only look for themselves, poverty, the need for human dignity …

—And how would you undo it?

– Removing from the first line for decision making those who only care about their interests.

– What forbids love?

– In principle it should not prohibit anything. If you have something to boast about, it is to allow practically everything. Love, if true, will never harm you. And if it is false, it is not love.

–A show you would like to see before you die?

– The one of hundreds of alien ships going down to Earth so that, finally, a few shit. Although I understand that they would come in peace, they would not seek minerals and food, but would allow us to make an evolutionary leap.

– Speaking of jumps, how has yours been to the Netherlands?

– I got the chance to do a test for a character in English. I recorded it on the terrace of my house, sent it and in 10 days I was in Amsterdam. It was all very fast.

– Do you believe in karma?

– You have to know exactly what it is. I believe in it as a reaction to a previous action that contracts a karmic debt that has to be solved in the near future. Because everything we do has consequences.

– «Karma» is a short film about true love, life, death and reincarnation. How would you like to reincarnate?

– Not that I want to reincarnate in something. But I need to experience the physical world, evolve and learn. What I don't want is to go back.

– What do you learn from?

– Of everything that happens to me. If the soul is immaterial and has no contact with the material world, when you reincarnate yourself in a living being, it is assumed that what differentiates you is being able to relate to emotions. That conditions you so that your life is in a certain way and you learn from all experiences. And that is the basis of reincarnation.

– For when a feature film?

– I hope that soon, because right now we have a couple of projects: «Karma» and another based on a short film that I directed, «The Legend of the Slow Man», which has been selected among 500 projects.

– "The slow man" is a legend?

– He is a guy who starts with all the difficulties in a world of hurries and ends up discovering what it is for. What he gets becomes a legend.

– What can slow the accelerated pace that exists today?

–Extinction (laughs). Or awareness. It is not possible to continue with this level of destruction of the environment, of wild capitalism, of waste generation … We must change.

– The "seriéfila" explosion, press?

– I think that does not press, it impresses. It's really more work for everyone, so welcome.

– Yes, but how many series are going to be the best series in history?

– Ah, but that is another problem. Words lose meaning when repeated so much.

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