"I already catch you in the street clown", an amateur threatens a referee in Maspalomas - La Provincia

Trifulca in the Canarian Third Division. An amateur invaded the field to threaten the referee of the match that measured the San Fernando UD against him Polished Bakery San Mateo CF as a reason for the day 24 that took place last Friday, February 7.

In the arbitration record, it is collected that an amateur of the visiting team -identified for wearing clothes with the club's shield- jumped the fences that separate the stands from the pitch and headed "a few inches from the referee", he urges.

"You are a fucking shame, you better die son of the great whore and if I do not catch you and I kill you fucking fag, it is to burst your head with punches, it is that I catch you and I burst you fucking character, you are disgusting, I fall in your fucking mother the bitch, I'll take you down the street clown", collect the arbitration record.

The referee says that no member of the visiting club intervened, "having to be the local club delegate who intervened to save our integrity", says the referee.

The meeting It was 2-1 in favor of the team south of Gran Canaria. The visiting team came forward with a penalty at half an hour. At the beginning of the second half, the locals tied and in the last minutes the comeback was consumed.


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