Hyundai Canarias, best distributor of the year, on its fifth anniversary - The Province

Hyundai Canarias, best distributor of the year, on its fifth anniversary - The Province

Hyundai Canarias is awarded by the manufacturer as"Distributor of the Year"at the Hyundai Dealer Convention held in Abu Dhabi.Oliver Alonso, President ofDomingo AlonsoGroup, collected this award, from the hand ofMr. Hyung Cheong Kim, Executive Vice President & COO Hyundai Motor Company. Oliver Alonso offered an emotional speech showing all his gratitude to the Korean manufacturer and highlighting the great work that has carried out his team in the Canary Islands.

Further,Jennifer González, Marketing Manager of Hyundai Canarias, received the award "Best Marketing", in recognition of all the marketing actions carried out by the marketing team of Hyundai Canarias.

The act took place coinciding with the5th anniversary of the presentation of Hyundai Canariasat the hands of Domingo Alonso Group, which in just 5 years has gone from the 16th to the 5th position in the sales ranking.

This award comes in the celebration of theHyundai Import Convention, which was held last night on October 23 in Abu Dhabi. Among the attendees, from more than 40 countries, Hyundai Canarias has been recognized as "Distributor of the year" and as "Best Marketing" of the brand throughout the region. This is not the first recognition that Hyundai Motor Company makes to Hyundai Canarias, the Canarian company has already been awarded in other editions with the prizes:Excellent Dealer Enhancement Development in 2013,Sales Excellence in 2015and very recentlyGlobal Media Excellence 2018, among others.

This recognition by the manufacturer is not granted by chance and is that the brand has demonstrated, throughout its5 years of activity in the Canary Islands and Melilla, a spectacular evolution in sales, recognized as the fastest growing Hyundai in the world. In 2013, they found the brand in the 16th position, and now under the umbrella of Domingo Alonso GroupThey closed their first year with 484 units. Since then they have not stopped growing and the sales of 2017 reached 4,000 units. Today, Hyundai is the best selling Asian brand in the islands and is the 5th most sold in the private market. During his speech, Oliver Alonso, president of Domingo Alonso Group, stressed that the company has worked "strictly every day to meet the high objectives set."

It shows the confidence that Hyundai Motor Company has in Domingo Alonso Group is that in the last 5 years in addition to the Canarian market they carry out the work of Hyundai distributor in Portugal, Senegal and Kenya.

To achieve these excellent results, theextensive and renewed range of models of the brand, as well as the renewal of the network of dealers and, without a doubt, the human team of Hyundai Canarias, which is the engine that works to make all this possible.

The range of models of the firm covers almost 100% of the segments in the automotive market. But without a doubt, its most prominent model is theHyundai Tucson, model that has been consolidated in the Canarian market as a sales leader, with more than 5,300 units sold between 2013 and 2018. "Confidence, attention, knowledge and patience, has made us the market leader of the SUV , without forgetting that we are the favorites of the electric vehicles in the Canary Islands ", affirmed Oliver Alonso.

On the other hand, technology and digitalization have been mandatory in the renovation processes of the facilities. In recent years its official dealer network has been renewed, but the continuous improvement of the current facilities is essential because Hyundai Canarias understands that its customers deserve an optimal space: wider, more comfortable and more innovative. A vision focused on offering new experiences to customers, offering not only a quality product but also a differentiated service.

But without doubt, these results achieved throughout his career, during these 5 years, would not be possible without the confidence that his clients have placed in the firm in the Canary Islands. Undoubtedly, as Oliver Alonso affirms, "our ultimate goal is excellence in the customer experience".

Hyundai Canarias does not consider complying with the achievements achieved so far, and aims to be among the three best brands in the ranking in the Canary Islands.


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