“Hyperspecialization is the next big challenge in logistics”




The Business Organization of Logistics and Transport of Spain ONE, has held this Wednesday in Zaragoza the conference ‘Pharmaceutical logistics: trends in an expanding sector’, to analyze together with different experts from the sector the challenges and future trends of pharmaceutical logistics. The conference, which was held at the Zaragoza Logistics Center, was opened by the Minister of Economy, Planning and Employment of the Government of Aragon, Marta Gastón; the director of the Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC), Susana Val; and the president of UNO Logística, Francisco Aranda.

In his speech, Aranda pointed out «Hyperspecialization as the next big challenge in logistics; a challenge in which pharmaceutical logistics will play a key role ”. The president of UNO has also pointed out that «it has been achieved in a short time that most of the citizens are vaccinated, and this has been thanks to the pharmaceutical industry and the work of logistics companies, which have managed to properly manage this distribution with security, traceability and without breaking the cold chain ».

In the words of the president of logistics, «Aragon is one of the most important logistics points in Europe and it can become a key destination for pharmaceutical logistics companies, as it offers legal and institutional security and has a strategic location, specialized human capital and centers such as the ZLC where talent is provided; It is, in short, the Silicon Valley of logistics ”.

Aranda took advantage of his speech to recall that the Government of Aragon «has shown its enormous commitment to the logistics sector, which today already generates 10.5% of GDP, more than 40,000 jobs and it has an important driving effect on other economic sectors ”. “Logistics is added value, it is talent and it has an undoubted importance within the economy; Let us remember that out of every ten jobs created in Spain, one is generated by the logistics sector ”, Aranda concluded.

For her part, the Minister of Economy, Planning and Employment of the Government of Aragon, Marta Gastón, has valued the work that has been done in the territory to «Optimize all existing strengths, turning a location that was remote into a geostrategic logistics enclave, promoting first-rate logistics platforms, and betting on logistics talent thanks to centers such as the ZLC and the University of Zaragoza, which put at the service of companies that qualified workforce that so much is demanded, “he said.

The Minister recalled that “Aragon has a huge opportunity in terms of intermodality, which, in turn, will boost business competitiveness, sectorial and territorial “and has pointed out” the great strengths that the territory has so that it can be a logistical reference at an international level. “

“We have many specialized companies, large infrastructures and good communication networks; In addition, we work with all the ports of the peninsula, tWe are fortunate to have a kilometer zero airport, which has become one of the economic and logistical references in Spain, and we will soon have the railway highway which will link the Port of Algeciras with Zaragoza and will allow logistics to continue to be a vector for all economic sectors, including pharmaceuticals, ”Gastón pointed out.

«Public-private collaboration and agility to facilitate business growth is also a reality in the territory, because we believe that to make investment more attractive it is necessary to stimulate economic growth », Gastón stressed. «In addition, we are a department that believes in innovation, because it is a lever for transformation towards business and territorial progress; all of this has brought us moments of great economic satisfaction, has allowed us to attract investments, and learn to be a competitive community full of opportunities ”, he added.

Before concluding, the counselor recalled that “there have been many pharmaceutical logistics companies interested in the territory” and wished that “days like today’s serve as a starting point to be clear that the Government of Aragon has its doors open for collaborate and to continue promoting this logistics hub of pharmaceutical knowledge and opportunities ”.

The importance of logistics in Aragon

In her address, the director of the Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC), Susana Val, recalled that, in Aragon, «Logistics is a sector that has already been consolidated for years and it brings together the fundamental ingredients so that in the near future we can speak of a hub in pharmaceutical logistics ». “This event, organized by UNO in collaboration with ZLC, still further establishes and reinforces our potential,” said Val.

Likewise, he continued, “specialization in pharmaceutical logistics will be possible thanks to the collaboration of each and every one of the agents in our territory, from government, industry, clusters, and companies dedicated to transport and logistics distribution, among others.” “Training, given the demands of the pharmaceutical field, is essential, and from ZLC we are working to keep our teaching curricula up-to-date, taking into account the skills required by the logistics sector at all times ”, concluded Val.

Expanding pharmaceutical logistics

Subsequently, the presentation ‘Aragón: potential as a pharmaceutical logistics hub in Europe’ was offered, by the director of the ZLC, Susana Val. The round table also took place during the meeting ‘The key role of pharmaceutical logistics during the pandemic: How have we faced the greatest logistical challenge in recent times? ‘, Which had the participation of the head of Pharma Business Development at Tipsa, Antonio López; the Commercial Director at Logista Pharma at Logista, Gema Domingo; the contract manager for ID Logistics, Enrique López; the Director of Operations of Picking Farma, Manuel Hidalgo; the expert in Procurement & Supply Chain, Francisco Valero; and the head of Logistics at Laboratorios Certest, Camen Zanoaga.

Next, the presentation ‘Towards a hyperconnected supply chain: visibility will make us better‘, which has been in charge of the general director of Fieldeas, Óscar López.

To conclude, another colloquium was held under the title ‘Los upcoming challenges for pharmaceutical logistics‘, whose panel of experts has been made up of the general director of Redur, Alberto Lozano; the general director of logistics and distribution for Spain, Italy and Portugal of UPS Healthcare, Gonzalo Vidal; the Supply Chain director-Medical Devices Spain of Johnson & Johnson, Gerardo Novo; the Director of Logistics of Quirón Salud, Guillermo Cristóbal; Merck’s Physical Distribution Leader, Begoña Martínez; the Iberia Order Entry & Logistic manager of Abbott, Antonio Ballesteros; and the manager of Farmacross, Marcos Bonafonte.

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