July 30, 2021

Hurricane Leslie arrives in Spain

Hurricane Leslie arrives in Spain

Hurricane Leslie will enter Spain at dawn on Sunday with intensity of tropical storm leading to widespread precipitation that may be locally strong or very strong and will be displaced, in general, from west to east, as reported by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

Throughout Saturday, the 13th, it will affect the maritime zones of Madeira and Josephine, entering on its western side with winds of up to 12th force and wooded sea. It will continue its evolution in a northeast direction, entering at the end of the afternoon in the maritime zones of San Vicente and Oporto, already as a post-tropical cyclone, but still maintaining winds with force of hurricane, of 120 km / h, and provoking sea waves. very thick or wooded.

Around midnight, it is expected to land in the area of ​​Lisbon, still with winds of up to force 12. According to eltiempo.com, the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) has decreed notices for wind and rain throughout Portugal . Also for the maritime storm that will provide waves of 6 to 7 meters on the south coast of the country. To this we must add the tide, a combo that, most likely, will leave numerous damages on the coasts of Lisbon, Alentejo and the west of the Algarve.

Later It will move towards the northeast losing intensity, entering Spanish territory during the early morning hours with tropical storm intensity. The location of the cyclone is not yet possible to determine it accurately, shuffling a fan for its initial position between Zamora and Cáceres, where gusts of wind can occur around 100 km / h, especially in high areas.

From On Sunday morning the cyclone is expected to weaken considerably as it moves towards the northeast, joining other centers of low pressure that will form on the Peninsula.

On Sunday the presence of the remains of cyclone Leslie, along with very active fronts that will travel the Peninsula from west to east and, on the northeast of the peninsula, the persistent flow of the Mediterranean, will lead to widespread precipitation. The squalls may be locally strong or very strong and will generally be displaced from west to east. Probably the most intense will take place during the morning of Sunday in large areas of Asturias, León and Cantabria and during the afternoon in areas of the northeast.

According to the prediction models, the entry around the center of the cyclone around Lisbon is very likely, however, once the trajectory is much more uncertain on the ground, AEMET recommends tracking the warnings through its website. web, where they will be permanently updated.

"According to the prediction models, it is very probable that the entrance to the center of the cyclone is close to Lisbon, however, once it is on the ground, the trajectory is much more uncertain, so Aemet recommends a follow-up of the warnings through their website, where they will be permanently updated, "warns Aemet.


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