January 16, 2021

"Hunting is an indissoluble part of the field"

"Hunting is an indissoluble part of the field"

The countdown for the opening of Cinegética 2019, the most important fair in Europe of field and hunting, has already begun in Ifema, where the most prestigious companies and entities of the sector will meet. There they will present their latest news from 21 to 24 March and will develop participatory activities, both professional and recreational and family, and many new features. At the head of this spectacular fair is Rodrigo Moreno de Borbón, director of Expo Cinegética, who with a firm hand has elevated this show to a level of excellence of international recognition.

Last year all the records of attendance and participation in all the Cinegetics events were broken, what is the objective of this year? What figures do you handle for this edition in terms of the number of exhibitors, companies and participants?

-In view of the expectation generated, both in the media and in the RRSS, among others, our expectations are very high and we hope to overcome without problems the figure of 39,000 visitors last year. As for the participation of exhibitors, this year are already exceeded and we are above the 300 stands, which represent 400 companies in 14,000 m2 of exhibition space.

-This year many new features are presented. One of them is the 'canine zone', what will it consist of?

-In the surveys we conducted in previous years, visitors demanded more dogs, so we decided to make an area dedicated to our colleagues, with stands of breeders and associations related to our dogs and a place for exhibitions and demonstrations.

-It has also enabled a 'meeting area', with a special stage for presentations. How does it work and what will it be presented?

-All the years during the fair there were many parallel activities, such as presentations and conferences, among others. The problem is that, when making them in the different adjoining rooms of the pavilion, it was not easy for people to travel to attend them, so we decided to create this space and make a stage within the pavilion for these acts to be held close of people and achieve more assistance and participation.

-In addition, it is going to bet heavily on taxidermy, with the celebration of I Cinegetic Taxidermy Competition. How will it develop and who will take part?

-It is the first time that a contest is open to all taxidermists. The professionals will be able to present their work – and for those who have already signed up, it promises to be very spectacular, with very interesting scenes or sets – that will be exhibited during the fair. The jury will be the same as the Cinegetics Awards, plus an artist, Fernando García Herrera, and, in this edition, the president of Antax (in the next ones, the winner of the previous year). The philosophy of this award is the recognition of the great work of these great professionals.

-Spain is one of the world centers of hunting, both in the reception of hunters and, on the contrary. At what level of internationalization has the fair been located this year?

-Spain is the second country to export hunters in absolute numbers, and this is evident in the internationalization of the fair. Foreign exhibitors represent 35% and the public around 15%.

– What was achieved with Cinegetics after merging the Venatoria and FICAAR fairs?

-It has always been said that union is strength and that was immediately reflected in Cinegetics. We add the experience of two great teams and join the two major Spanish fairs specializing in hunting. The results … in view are.

-I think there has been a slight setback with the location of the fair, which because of the organization of the next elections has been moved to another pavilion …

-The Ministry of the Interior has forced us to change the flag for the advance of the general elections, with great damage since the election of the pavilion 12 conditions the dates of each edition, and change to the pavilion 14, which is more hidden and with columns inside, is not to our liking or the exhibitors. But it is a cause of force majeure.

– Will it affect the normal development of the event?

-We understand that not much, this pavilion has columns that bother, but we have managed to adjust to almost all the exhibitors keeping the location and number of the stand. For the public we will reinforce the indications so that they arrive without difficulty.

-Organize a fair of such importance and with such a large size is a great challenge. What has been the most complicated?

– Many people are surprised that to organize a fair of 4 days it takes a whole year of work. Sometimes it is not easy to try to please everyone, especially the exhibitors. It is also a great challenge year after year to surpass the figures, both of exhibitors and visitors. This is only achieved with a great team and a really comprehensive work.

-They continue without any kind of institutional support or assistance for their activities, including the organization of the fair. Do you think that public institutions do not take seriously an important sector, both socially and economically, such as hunting or fishing?

-I believe that now, especially the political class, begins to realize that hunting also votes, and now our representatives look at the field, and therefore hunting, with different eyes. Even so, it is difficult to compete with the different local and regional fairs that have great support from the municipalities, county councils and regional administrations, but we are very proud to be one of the first hunting fairs in Europe without any support or assistance from any administration.

– Do you think they are afraid to support them because there is a current against hunting that leads them to be 'politically correct'?

-I do not think so, politicians from other municipalities and autonomies support hunting in their localities and communities without any problem. Serve as an example, Extremadura comes, for years, with an important stand and the Community of Madrid with a minimum.

– Despite this, I think they are working so that the official inauguration has official representation.

– Yes, that's right, and this year, coinciding with the pre-election campaign, we believe that there will be enough politicians who will want to be seen by the fair. They are beginning to understand what has been said before, that hunting also votes.

-Even two political groups will have a stand to publicize their position on the sector. Are you not afraid of your political use in the face of elections or are support policies always welcome?

-First of all, let it be clear that Cinegetica is a private fair and that anyone who is willing to invest in promoting their business or activity, whatever the type, can come here. But it is that, in addition, in hunting, unlike other activities, we do not veto anyone. Hunting is an indissoluble part of the field and I think the fair is a suitable place to communicate different proposals, whatever the type, and that visitors are willing to listen with absolute freedom.

– The votes of hunters and fishermen also count and elections are just around the corner. Do you feel used or are all welcome?

-It was time … For the first time politicians begin to look at the countryside, hunting, fishing and rural areas. Hopefully they do not stop looking at these collectives and in ministries, such as the Environment, always take into account the voice of the countryside, hunters and fishermen, true environmentalists, and those who care most and protect nature. It is inconceivable, as has happened so far, that the political decisions that affect us have been made without taking our voice into account.

Do you think that everything should start by explaining from the base to the students what the cinegetics means and what it represents in the defense of the rural environment and the balance of the species?

-The separation between the urban world of cities and the rural world is increasingly noticeable. Any child from a village in Spain understands and knows what life in the countryside implies, however, the children of the cities have to take them to farms so that they know what a cow, a lamb or a chicken is and know about it. where everything they eat comes from. Perhaps the educational effort should be made from other fields and not precisely from ours, but it is that, every time that from the hunting sector has tried to bring these concepts to school, and believe me that has been tried many times, the rejection from radical positions of animalism, even of certain part of the teaching staff, has been more than remarkable. This should and should change, but I insist that it should be promoted from other educational areas.

What would you say to someone who has an interest in a fair like this, but does not dare to go to it?

-Cinegética is a space where you can find everything you need to enjoy the countryside and hunting within the urban asphalt, especially the latest news from leading firms and brands in the sector, but it is also the ideal place to enjoy all kinds of activities with the family, the reunion with friends and relive all the sensations offered by hunting and the countryside, I insist, in an urban space, almost in the center of Madrid. And as taxidermy is one of the best options to know and see much of our fauna and the rest of the world, without a doubt the best temporary museum of Natural Sciences.


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