Hunting for the marine manga – The Province

Hunting for the marine manga - The Province

The formation of a marine manga on the coast of Mogán, in an area visible from Arguineguín to Puerto Rico, surprised tourists and locals. Everyone who had a phone at hand did not resist to record a video and share it with their contacts. So soon the network was filled with videos of the marine manga from different perspectives, from land, air and sea. The phenomenon attracted crew of a boat, they headed towards it 'eye of the storm'. The video captures that approach and the moment when they are placed inside the sleeve.

A marine sleeve is an atmospheric phenomenon that consists of a kind of funnel that forms on the sea and that is connected to a nine cumuliform. The marine sleeves may be tornadic or not. The tornádicas are as they tornados on the water and they are formed inside a supercell storm – a great storm in rotation -, with abundant and persistent electrical device. This type of sleeves are very rare, because tornadoes are more land than sea.

The non-tornadic sleeves are not associated with supercell storms and are more frequent. They are formed under the base of large cumulonimbus. This is the type of manga that was seen this Wednesday in the southwest of Gran Canaria. The cloud connected to the sleeve is precisely a cumulonimbus. The appearance of a sleeve is that of a funnel-shaped cloud mass that rotates rapidly and descends from a cloud to the surface of the sea causing an uplift of the waters.


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