August 8, 2020

Hunt visits Iran to discuss the nuclear agreement

British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt will visit Iran on Monday to discuss the future of the international nuclear deal and the attitude of the Tehran government in the conflicts in Syria and Yemen.

The Foreign Office stressed in a statement that Hunt's trip will be the first of a foreign-western head of state to Iran since the United States withdrew from the nuclear pact.

The head of British diplomacy will meet with his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, to which he will transfer that the United Kingdom "remains committed to the nuclear agreement whenever Iran respects its terms."

Last May, Washington departed from the agreement reached in 2015 by Tehran and six world powers – Russia, China, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, as well as the US – for which the economic sanctions on Iran were lifted in exchange for limiting its atomic program.

"The Iranian nuclear agreement is a vital component for the stability of the Middle East, since it eliminates the threat of an Iran with a nuclear power," the British Foreign Minister said.

"To survive, the agreement has to be respected one hundred percent." We will do our part whenever Iran does, "said Hunt.

At the same time, he indicated that Tehran must "put an end to the destabilizing activity" in the region, which will also deal with the Iranian authorities the cases of citizens with British nationality detained in that country.


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