Hunger Strike for Trans Rights in Spain

Next Wednesday, October 3, Mar Cambrollé, president of the Trans Platform, will announce at the doors of the Congress of Deputies, at a press conference, the beginning of a #HUELGA of indefinite hunger, which will not be interrupted until Unidos Podemos confirms the date on which the #LeyTransEstatal goes to the plenary session for its parliamentary procedure.

On February 13, Unidos Podemos registered in the Congress the Trans State bill that developed the "Trans Platform". Now, according to denounce, after more than 7 months of its registration, Podemos has refused to give a date to take it to plenary, leaving in a drawer the hopes of this group. October is the month of depatologization of transsexuality, one of the groups that suffers the most discrimination with 85% of its members unemployed.

In the same press conference, the names of presidents / presidents of trans entities of different communities of the Spanish State that will participate in this action will also be said.

It is not the moment of lament it is time to #FuriaTrans, they say in a statement.


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