August 12, 2020

Hundreds of women play "A rapist on your way" in Istanbul

Hundreds of women gathered in Istanbul this Sunday to interpret the choreography of the Chilean group LasTesis "A rapist in your path", which denounces the macho violence and inactivity of the institutions.

Approximately 200 women gathered at a Bosphorus waterfront in the Besiktas neighborhood to perform a Turkish version of the song of the Chilean feminist group.

Many of them were dressed in violet gloves and, after finishing the "performance", they added the usual slogans of the Turkish feminists: "We will not obey" and "We are not afraid".

The act was surrounded by a strong police contingent but the agents did not disperse the demonstration, unlike what happened last Sunday, when the police used tear gas against a similar march in the Kadiköy neighborhood.

On that occasion, seven activists who are currently free with charges and judicial control were arrested.

Following that police charge, about twenty deputies from the opposition, both from the Social Democratic Party CHP and the leftist HDP, (second and third of the hemicycle) performed the song on Saturday night in Parliament.

Deputy Sera Kadigil (CHP) addressed the Interior Minister, Süleyman Soylo, present at the session, to recriminate him that "Turkey is the only country in which you have to have parliamentary immunity to be able to interpret the LasTesis song."

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