Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Hundreds of Venezuelans break the blockade on the main bridge with Colombia

Hundreds of Venezuelans break the blockade on the main bridge with Colombia

Hundreds of Venezuelans crossed the Simón Bolívar international bridge on Tuesday morning, which communicates the state of Táchira with Cúcuta, after breaking the security barriers of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB, militarized police) to reach Colombian territory.

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The people were dammed at the border of their country because they could not go through the trails, which were flooded by the rising Táchira River, so they threw themselves on the containers that the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, had placed to obstruct the I pass by that bridge.

In this regard, the director of Migration Colombia, Christian Krüger, blamed the Government of Maduro and the GNB "against what may happen to the people who daily travel between Colombia and Venezuela, due to the blockades" at the border crossings.

"As we had said almost a month ago, the decision of the usurper Maduro to block bridges with containers and restrict the passage of people through them, all he does is encourage irregularity," Krüger told reporters.

Many of the people climbed into the cargo containers that were located on the Venezuelan side on February 27 and that block the center of the bridge that connects the Colombian city of Cúcuta with the Venezuelan city of San Antonio.

Four days earlier, Maduro broke relations with Colombia and closed the three border crossings with Cúcuta after the frustrated attempt of opposition leader Juan Guaidó, recognized by more than 50 countries as interim president of Venezuela, to bring humanitarian aid, an initiative that ended in an outbreak of violence.

Faced with this situation, thousands of people are daily engaged in illegal steps, known as trails, seeking supplies in Colombia of food, medicine and hygiene products.

Krüger said that "Venezuelans have been forced to go on the trails to cross into Colombia and back to their country," where "not only are victims of bribery by the Bolivarian National Guard, but now, in addition, They expose their life in front of the torrential waters of the Táchira River ".

"Maduro is playing with the lives of Venezuelans and this must be rejected by the international community," the official said.

On March 15, the Colombian Police implemented controls for migrants crossing the illegal crossings.

As part of the operation are tracking antecedents, "verifying the legality of their identity documents, and is verifying what elements they bring," then explained to reporters the Metropolitan Police Commander of Cúcuta, Colonel José Luis Palomino.


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