June 4, 2020

Hundreds of vehicles in Zaragoza to the Vox demonstration against the Government

The march, which was requested to go by vehicle and with Spanish flags, began at 12 noon on the Ciudad de Soria avenue and went through the Citizenship square towards the María Agustín promenade to continue towards the Basilio Paraíso square and reach the Paseo Constitución, from where the Paseo Pamplona has returned to the Plaza Basilio Paraíso, and has ended at the Puerta del Carmen.

The head of Vox in Zaragoza, Santiago Morón, has indicated in statements to the media that the call was a call “to all Spaniards” and “not only to Vox voters” to demonstrate against the government’s management of the pandemic.

“Under all the points we understand that it has failed, it is a crisis that has overwhelmed them and a government that is not prepared to face the situation,” Morón criticized.

Despite the fact that according to the Government Delegation in Aragon, there have been no incidents in the protest, several dozen people have come to the point where the tour ended to criticize the concentration and praise the role of public health during the pandemic.

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