December 5, 2020

Hundreds of travelers caught by the curfew at Santiago airport

Hundreds of passengers were on Sunday night and early Monday morning trapped at the Santiago airport after the cancellation of their flights due to the curfew decreed in the Chilean capital for the violent protests in the capital in the last three days .

Lying on the ground next to their bags in the middle of the night and with nowhere to go, travelers could not board their flights or return to the city due to the restriction of the freedom of mobility of people established by the Army since 19.00 Sunday (22.00 GMT) until 06.00 on Monday morning (09.00 GMT on Monday).

While the military took charge of maintaining public order in the streets of Santiago and its periphery, impotence and resignation were evident in the airport terminal.

Despite this, around one o'clock in the morning (04.00 GMT) a joy came for the passengers in the form of water, juices, blankets and cookies to partially alleviate the wait.

The National Emergency Office (Onemi) and the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), together with the airline Latam and the collaboration of food companies arranged a bus of urban transport loaded with materials to deliver free of charge to people stranded in Santiago .

The people who were lying in the corridors and the counters making time for the flights to start again began to line up to receive the food while police and airport personnel worked hard to unload the help at the entrance to the international boarding pass .

The same carts that usually help carry luggage from the street to the check-in counters were used to distribute blankets and water bottles inside the terminal.

Latam, the main airline operating in Santiago, canceled all its scheduled flights at dawn, according to an official statement on its website.

Their planes remained parked on the airport runways in the dark and in an unusual silence in an international and national passenger terminal.

The same happened with the flights of other airlines that either work in the Chilean capital or stop at this airport.

Throughout this Sunday there have been new violent acts, with serious clashes with the Army and law enforcement, looting, fire and pillage, in a wave of violence that keeps much of Chile on alert.

The militarization of the country has been increasing to try to control the violent excesses that led to the radicalization of protests since last Friday.

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