October 29, 2020

Hundreds of tractors roam the center of Palma to demand “fair prices”

Farmers and ranchers of Mallorca, driving about 250 tractors and other agricultural vehicles, have toured this Saturday the center of Palma called by the main associations of the sector to demand “fair prices” for their products and that their contribution to society is valued.

The participants in the protest, organized by Asaja, Unió de Pagesos and UPA-AIA, have crossed the main artery of the city, the Avenues, for a little more than one hour in a long line of work vehicles, to finish before the Delegation of the Government, whose head, Aina Calvo, has received their representatives.

The drivers of the tractors, sounding the horns, have circulated at low speed slowing down all the traffic in the Avenues and the adjacent streets, but they have not blocked the city.

In coordination with the protests carried out throughout Spain in recent weeks, farmers and winners complain about the low income generated by their products, weighed down by the increase in production costs, and demand administrations measures to promote consumption of fruits, vegetables and food of local animal origin.

At the gates of the Delegation of the Government have read a manifesto uploaded to a tractor the top officials of Asaja Balears, Joan Simonet, Unió de Pagesos de Mallorca, Sebastià Ordines, and UPA-AIA, Baltasar Martí.

Before the concentrates, among which was the leader of the PP and former leader of Asaja, Biel Company and some leader of MÉS per Mallorca, Simonet has pointed out that the Balearic countryside “is reaching a situation where it is increasingly unsustainable continuity”.

“The adverse effects of insularity prevent it from competing on equal terms” with respect to the “country” of the continent “, which is aggravated by the entry into the market” of agricultural products from outside Europe “without the strict controls of production that are required in the EU, has lamented.

Martí has ​​read the part of the manifesto in which it is emphasized that the work of farmers and ranchers “ensures people’s food”, contributes to the maintenance of the landscape, combats climate change, diversifies the economy and maintains traditions.

Among the demands of the mobilization of this Saturday, which Ordines has shelled, are that the origin of the products is detailed, that the fair prices are demanded from the marketers, prohibiting the sales to losses and that the diesel oil bonus is increased .

All these demands have been transferred to the Government delegate, Aina Calvo, who, in addition to thanking “civics and collaboration” with the security forces of the protesters, has pledged to send them to the central executive.

An action similar to that of Palma has been carried out in Menorca, where farmers and winners from all over the island have moved in about 70 tractors to the center of Mahón, where they have made their claims public.


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